2017 Ceremonies and Celebrations!

Wisteria Solstice  2017

Ceremonies  and  Celebrations

9pm ~ Pawpaw Opening Ceremony

Paw Paw– Elf

Join us as we awaken the spirit of Pawpaw!

Earth shall rise in primal grace,

Air will move with the dancer’s pace,

Water’s fall, our sacred gift,

Fire rise as Passions lift.

Drums will sound as the mystic calls. Add your voice to the chanting as the spirit calls.

Earth and Air, Fire and Water.

This is the Spirit of Paw paw.


4:30 Hickory Grove– Katrina Haas

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice. There are core shamanic practices and tools that are used by ancient peoples around the world, which help us connect with universal energies for guidance, healing and support. Led by Katrina Haas: “I help people connect with spirit for personal transformation using their connection with their individual inner healer, warrior, teacher and visionary. Together we build your personal spiritual cosmology, make connections with your helping spirits, learn skills to tend those relationships and how to turn to them when life’s challenges present themselves.”

7:00 ADF  Solstice rite

Nemeton —  Paul Wasson, Three Cranes Grove ADF Columbus and Beth Stevenson, 6th Night Grove ADF Dayton.

Ceremony to Transition from the Outside World to Wisteria by calling on the Horned God.

We will call on the horned god of the wild, to open ourselves to the energies of Wisteria and nature. Whether he goes by Cernunnos, Pan, Herne, Greenman or just the horned one, we will calling on the him to accept us into his forest realm this summer solstice and receive his wild energy. Energy that we will use this festival to drum, dance, and release the pressures of the realm outside of Wisteria. 


1:32 the Apex  of  the  longest  day
We  will  ring  the  bell  and  ask  that throughout the  camp  we have  a  moment  of  Silence and  then  join  together  in one  voice for a  mighty “OHM”.

8pm ~ Solstice Ceremony: Turn the Wheel and Crest the WAVE

Stone Circle –Wisteria

Come celebrate the Summer Solstice as a community. Some old traditions view this occasion as the moment the year changes from waxing to waning. Join us and you will hear about an old Gaelic ballad, witness a challenge and contest, and then join in the creation and cresting of a communal WAVE.

9 pm ~ Women’s Healing Ceremony

Stone Circle–Jen Capone

Women have been gathering together as mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and healers since time untold . Stories told, tears shed, moments of connection, healing, and strengthening happen within the sacred circle. Together we will create sacred space in which we will honor not only ourselves as women, but also honor each other and celebrate the joy of sisterhood. Led by Jennifer Capone.


3 pm Wisteria’s Annual Fashion show VI

Pavilion — Nellie Werger

Everything old is new again! Every year our Creative folks parade their ideas. This year inspired by the Festival theme, “Traditional skills for today” we reach into the past for ideas. Come join us!\

9 pm ~ Candlelight Labyrinth

Stone Circle–Seeker

There are many ways to describe a labyrinth. It is a path of prayer, a walking meditation, a crucible of change, a watering hole for the spirit, and a mirror of the soul. Unlike a maze, the labyrinth has only one path. Walking its winding course to the center quiets the mind. This process involves three stages: purgation – a letting go of distractions as you walk in; illumination – receiving what you came for upon reaching the center; and union – a joining with the sacred as you complete the experience and walk out. Designed and lit by Seeker.

10 pm ~ Illumination of Labyrinth of the Ways

The Green Faerie Grove

Join us as we illuminate the Labyrinth of the Ways. Take a reflective walk through the Ways and join us at the Sacred Fire within. Whether en route to the Faerie Shrine or on the way back, the Labyrinth awaits to help you find your way, to connect with Wisteria, or simply to take a moment to reflect. If you have Stones from your home area or place of special significance, feel free to add them to the Labyrinth walls.  Rev. Lynx of Green Faerie Grove and Nemeton of the Ways will be on hand to answer questions and assist as needed.

Midnight ~ Friday Night Fairy Lights

Midnight The Fairy Shrine

Faerie Ambassador Angela

Time once again for our midnight revels! Come out, all you lovely sprites, fauns, fairies and Goblins, to awaken the spirits with some spirits. Don’t forget to bring a shiny bauble to appease the fairies lest you get caught in their ring forever! Adults 18 and over.


10:00pm Tortuga

Pirate’s Cove–Pirates of the C.U.C. Constantine

This year’s ritual theme is “ART is MAGIC is LIFE.” We will be exploring through ecstatic worship the connections between art, creation, and creativity as it is relevant to our daily and spiritual lives. Fine attire, beverage to share, and musical instruments are encouraged. Adults 21 and over.