Appalachian Summer Solstice 2019 Ceremonies

Fire Lit Labyrinth Walk – Lynx. Thu Jun 20th 10pm @ Labyrinth of the Ways

Take a wander through the Ways and let the flames of the Labyrinth guide you as you walk. “The Ways” is symbolic of all the Ways of which came together to make this project. There are stones from over 30 states and 4 countries, even more that hold memories, wishes, and blessings for all. All the ways came together, for all of the ways that walk Her paths. It is a winding path and take your time as you traverse. There is no right or wrong way to walk the paths for we each have our own way and the flow of the Labyrinth is personal to each.

Lighting of the Hellenic Shrine – Paul Patton. Thu Jun 20th Dusk @ Hellenic Shrine

Join Paul Patton at the pavilion at dusk to make a walk to Shrine Valley and Spirit Circle to light candles and make offerings to the Hellenic pantheon of gods at the Hellenic Shrine.

Main Ceremony: The Dance of Appalachian Coyote – . Fri Jun 21st 8pm @ Meet at Heart Hearth

Coyote plays a major role in the traditions of many first peoples throughout North America. He is often seen as a trickster and deceiver, leading humans into both discord and pleasure. Although often thought of as a newcomer to the Appalachians, scientists have identified that the modern populations of this canine throughout the region are actually a hybrid between indigenous wolves and more southern and western coyote populations. In this summer solstice ritual, participants will witness and participate in a truly Appalachian tale that captures the journey of Coyote and his blending with Wolf to create something wholly new and uniquely Appalachian. Participants are encouraged to dress and adorn themselves in garb and costume that reflects the native species of the Appalachian region.

Men’s Circle – Blacksmith O’Kelley. Wed Jun 19th 8pm @ Hickory Grove

Let us come together in this sacred men’s healing circle as we embrace the connection and joy of brotherhood. Together, we will create a sacred space, connect, honor the divine masculine inside us by honoring each other and ourselves. In this space we create an opening empowering each of us to expand our hearts, heal our spirits, support each other and tap into our own inner wisdom. Together, we embrace our power, our knowledge, our light, while examining the roles society places on us. We gain strength from our connections to one another and help each other grow.

Midnight Faery Ball – Angela Riffle. Thu Jun 20th 11:59pm @ Faery Shrine

The Annual Faery Ball! Need we say more?

Opening of Paw Paw – Elf. Mon Jun 17th Dusk @ Paw Paw

Bring your drums, bring your energy and join in the magic to awaken our beloved Paw Paw for the season. Open to all ages

Rituals of Arriving, Spiritual Connections for a Mobile World – Elf. Thu Jun 20th 10am @ Hickory Grove

In years past it was considered uncommon for a person to venture much more than a hundred miles from the place of their birth. Generation to generation built a deep understanding of the land they walked and the spirits that abide there. They knew the hills and valleys, they knew the weather and the subtle signs of the wind, the rain, and the animals. Even if something pulled them away for a time, they still would feel that deep connection in their blood and bones when once again they arrived home.
In today’s mobile society we often move from place to place, seeking the education and opportunity’s unknown in years past… yet with all the benefits we also may feel deeply, a loss we can not define.
This workshop and ritual will help you to understand this and give you ritual tools you can use in your own life to create deeper spiritual connections, both at home and when you travel. Hope to see you there!

Tortuga – Pirates of the CUC Constantine. Sat Jun 22nd 10:30pm @ Pirate’s Cove (21+ NO EXCEPTIONS)

This year’s ritual theme is Tradition. Join us in celebrating the history and spirit of this land. Fine attire, beverage to share, and musical instruments are encouraged. Leave your inhibitions in your tents, along with any minors. Please, no cameras in ritual space! If you are not clearly over the age of 21+, please bring an I.D. Please come down to Pirate’s Cove and ask a pirate for more details. *A formal ritual precedes the celebration.*

What Makes a (Hu)Man – Beth Zimmerman. Tue Jun 18th 2pm @ Paw Paw

This ritual is aimed at working out our personal definitions. We are each invited to discuss and confront all the aspects of our being – the things we do, the idea of who we each are to our parents, our children, our coworkers and ourselves. Our magick and our traumas are all equally part of our context, but rarely allowed to just be present. We will offer a flexible environment to support each of our needs as we honestly open to who we are now, whether after a recent change or simply to empower our whole.

Women’s Circle – Jen Capone. Wed Jun 19th 8pm @ Stone Circle

Let us come together in this sacred women’s healing circle as we embrace the connection and joy of sisterhood. Together, we will create a sacred space, connect our hearts, honor the divine feminine inside us by honoring each other and ourselves. In this space we create an opening empowering each of us to expand our hearts, heal our spirits, support each other and tap into our own inner wisdom. Together, we embrace our power, our knowledge, our beauty and our light, the core of who we are. We gain strength from our connections and we heal within the embrace of a circle of supportive sisters.
Whenever one woman begins to heal, she contributes to the healing of many others, for we are all united. Whenever we come together with true tenderness, sensitivity, reverence, humility and passion, love will grow upon the earth. We thrive on feminine energy, it is what lights up and inspires us. Our soul craves that nurturing, feminine energy. We need it to be our fullest, most wholehearted and divine selves.
In the past, we were often surrounded by our tribe, our sisters worked closely together, today, however, one can go weeks without seeing your soul sisters. The circle this year, we will be reminding each other that we are never alone, we are a continuous circle of feminine healing, sisterhood and courage. We will also be blessing some of the tools we use for our circles, donated by beautiful and talented women to be used on our altar, inside our circle, and to protect our space.
If you would like to talk about the healing circle this year, have a story to share, would like to contribute in some way, my camp is across from kids village, just before first aid, come and talk to me, I will have a special meeting place all set up for women to come and rest, to share, to talk, and to enjoy one another’s company. Blessings, light and peace.