Appalachian Summer Solstice 2019 Symposium Series

Appalachia is Conservation: Birds of Prey – The Ohio Bird Sanctuary. Tue Jun 18th 4pm – 5pm @ Pavilion

During this session of our symposium series, the Ohio Bird Sanctuary will present on Appalachian birds of prey. The presentation will feature two of our region’s native birds of prey. Come get up close with these amazing creatures and learn more about the conservation efforts to protect them and their habitats

Appalachia is Diversity: Queer Appalachian Literacies – Dr. Caleb Pendygraft. Wed Jun 19th 2pm – 3:30pm @ Pavilion (18+)

What do words like “queer” and “Appalachia” have in common? What do the stories and literacy practices of queer Appalachians offer in our understanding of reading, writing, and composing in the world? This workshop offers a brief history of queer Appalachia. We will discuss what it means to be Appalachian and queer, and how queer Appalachian literacies can help us relate to nonhumans in the world. There may be some writing involved, with paper and pens provided, but please feel free to bring along your own. Considering that queerness can involve some “adult” conversations, please be 18 years or older.

Appalachia is Ecology: Appalachian Plant Identification – Erika Galentin of Sovereignty Herbs. Fri Jun 21st 2pm – 3:30pm @ Pavilion (followed by nature walk)

linical herbalist, aromatherapist, ecologist, horticulturalist, lecturer, writer, gardener, and native plant enthusiast. Delightfully lost in the web of our native ecology

Appalachia is Entrepreneurship – Paul Strauss of Equinox Botanicals. Thu Jun 20th 2pm – 3:30pm @ Pavilion

Join renowned herbalist Paul Strauss as we watch the documentary of his life and works throughout the Appalachian region entitled “The Sanctity of Sanctuary: Paul Strauss and Equinox Farm”. There will be a Q&A with Paul to immediately follow the viewing. Open to all ages

Appalachia is Tradition: Herbalism and Hedge Witchery – Byron Ballard, RJ, Sasha Segetic, and Erika Galentin. Sat Jun 22nd 2pm – 3:30pm @ Pavilion

Herbalism and the sustainable use of the forest as a medicine cabinet has had a long tradition in the Appalachian region. During this session of the symposium series, our panel of Appalachian herbalists and hedge witches will discuss the medicinal value of our native plants and the treasures that grow all around us