Equinox/Mabon/Hausblot (Please register in advance for this event)

In Norse myth, the creation of the world is brought about by the death of the primal being Ymir, as recounted in the Grímnismál and several other poems of the collection known as the Poetic Edda,

Of Ymir’s flesh, the earth was shaped,
Of his blood, the briny sea
Of his hair, the trees, the hills of his bones,
Out of his skull the sky.

It is believed that there were four fixed blóts a year at the following times: winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice and autumn equinox.

Come to Wisteria and join us in a traditional blot to Freyr, with a goat, in honor of the second harvest of the season. (If you do not understand what a “traditional blot” is, please contact Donna Donovan) By sharing a blot with the Gods we reaffirm our connection to them and thus reawaken their powers within us and their watchfulness over our world. There will be an orientation at the pavillion prior to ceremony. As well as a community feast on Saturday…so bring your home-made contributions to the meal!

Friday September 21st

Gate opens @ NOON
Orientation to Blot @ 6:30 pm in Pavilion
Traditional Blot to Freyr (with ceremonial preparation of goat) @ 7:00 pm in Green Man
Opening and Welcome ceremony @ Pawpaw 9:00 pm
Drum Circle to follow.

Saturday September 22nd

Potluck feast and Sumble @ Heart Hearth 7:00 pm
All families, groups, and kith encouraged to bring a dish to add to the blót feast
Ceremonial Fire, Drumming and Dancing @ Heart Hearth 9:00 pm

Sunday September 23rd
Closeout @ 3:00 pm

Please bring your own food; kitchen will be closed. Caffeina’s Cosmic Cafe will be open with coffee, soda, juice, water, and pastries.
$15 per day camping, or $30 for the weekend (per adult 13 and older) Kids under 13 Free
No additional fee for vendors (up to 20 x 20 space; please reserve in advance)
Free parking
WiFi for weekend $10
Ice is $2.50 per 8 lb bag
Firewood is $15 per cartful

Please be advised that on Friday night we will be humanely slaughtering the goat during the Blot, then preparing the goat for Saturday’s Blotfeast.

Register for Hausblot / Equinox

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