Vending at Events

General Information

Vending space is available during Summer Solstice and Autumn Fires. The merchant fee is $50. All merchant sites are a minimum 30 ft deep and 15 ft frontage. If you need more than 50 ft frontage, purchase multiple sites to accommodate the frontage that you require. Remember to factor in tent ropes for overall frontage needed! The number of sites are limited and no electrical service is available at sites. Vending space will be assigned prior to the event.

All vendors must fill out a Vendor Application Form. Vendors and their family members and employees must also be paid attendees during the event.

Summer Solstice Tickets

Autumn Fires Tickets

Length of Stay and Afterglow Camping

Most vendors like to stay for the entire event.  There are no discounts for partial attendance.  If you stay past 4pm on the closing day, each person will be charged for a daily camping fee.  Everyone must leave by 3:00 pm on the Monday after closing Sunday. Please visit Wisteria Market to pay this fee.

Early Arrival

Many vendors find it very helpful to arrive early for a set-up day. For an additional $25 fee, pre-registered vendors may come in a day before the event. Please visit Wisteria Market to pay this fee and check in for your site assignment.

If you have additional questions, please contact