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Schedule For Autumn Fires 2015

Schedule For Autumn Fires 2015

Thursday, October 8

12-11pm Caffeina’s Cafe open
12-2 Lunch Uprooted Kitchen -Pavillion
12- Sweatlodge Orientation – Swaet lodge
3:00 Opening Ritual    Hearthfire
Dusk – Sweatlodge (pending interesting)
6-8 Dinner Uprooted Kitchen  -Pavillion
7:30 Heart Circle Quill – Hearthfire
8- Sweatlodge
9:00 Pawpaw

Friday, October 9

7:30 Am -11Pm Caffeina’s Open
8-10 Breakfast Uprooted Kitchen – Pavillion
10-2 Blacksmithing  Infinity Forge
10am – ongoing Clay Building — Pavillion
12-2 Lunch     Uprooted Kitchen -Pavillion
12- Stone Soup story and prep – Hearthfire
ongoing, soup @ 6, till gone
12 Sweat lodge Orientation – sweat lodge
1pm Shane  Thomas Safko– Pavillion
4:00 Rehandfasting – Stone circle
4:30 Hay Ride Kid Village
Dusk – Sweat Lodge
8:00pm Hellnaw
9:00 Pawpaw
Saturday, October 10

7:30am-11pm Caffiena’s Open
8-10 Breakfast Uprooted Kitchen – Pavillion
9am-5pm  Tarot with Sige
10-2 Blacksmithing  Infinity Forge
10am Clay firing – Village Green
1-3 Kids Activities – Kids’ Village
1-4 Tree Planting With Gandalf- Pavillion
4-6  Bardic Circle Hearthfire
7:00 Main Ritual-A Journey Through Life and Death.” Stone Circle
Dusk – Sweat Lodge
9:00pm Boaku Moses – Pavillion
9:00 Pawpaw
11ish Fire in the  field

Sunday, October 11
7:30- 3pm
8-10 Breakfast Uprooted Kitchen – Pavillion
12. Closing Ritual
Closing Pawpaw with Elf
3:00 Departure and Pack out


Shane Thomas Safko – Friday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm. Pavilion
Shane is excited to be back at Wisteria, and will entertain the crowd with his unique voice and acoustic stylings on the guitar. From pop songs to blues to mellow instrumentals, come and enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable concert. It’s a finger-pickin’ good time!

Hellnaw – Friday, 8:00 – 10:00 pm. Pavilion
Hellnaw is a two-man rhythm section (bass guitar and drums) that sounds like Les Claypool and John Bonham throwing a temper tantrum in unison. Stationed in Athens, Ohio, Josh Wicker and Wren Fenton combine technical chemistry, improvisation, gritty licks, and filthy grooves to create a powerhouse of sound. Eclectic Grit-Funk at its best!

Baoku Moses – Saturday, 9:00 – 10:00 pm. Pavilion  Baoku Moses, a native of Nigeria, is more than just a drummer, producer, band leader, and a composer. Baoku is an energy worker! His singing takes you on a spiritual journey, with drumming that lifts your energy to the universe and feeds your soul. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy Baoku’s electric performance!

Ritual Schedule

Opening Ceremony – 3:00 pm. Hearthfire
Connect with the Earth as we gather around the Hearthfire. A simple chant will awaken all to the  heartbeat of the land.

Mother,  I feel you under my feet.
Mother, I feel your heartbeat…

Heart Circle- 7:30 Hearthfire , Quill
Between the dancing, the playing, and all the hustle and bustle… sometimes we forget to take the time to just sit and share with eachother.  A heart circle is a very, very loose ritual.  We’ll cast a circle, and in a Norse Sumble format, we will each have the opportunity to share our personal truths.  Bring a beverage of your choice – alcoholic or not.

Wedding Vow Renewal – Friday, 4:00 pm. Stone Circle
From the bride and groom: “GREETINGS & MERRY MEET! Jason & Judy would like to announce the renewal of their marriage vows, a Celtic Handfast ceremony performed by Donna Donovan. All are welcome to share this happy occasion with us. A simple Celtic reception will follow at Caffeina’s, hosted by our beloved Libby Chapman. Blessings!”


Bardic Circle Saturday 4-6  Hearthfire
Jenny Topaz~ The Bardic spirit is in all of us!  Let us circle together and take turns sharing together: a song, poem, personal tale, interpretive dance, skit, or read/recite a myth or piece that is meaningful to you. The challenge is to BRING IT!

Main Ritual – Saturday, sunset (7:00 pm). Stone Circle
“A Journey Through Life and Death.” Enter into sacred space with this interactive ritual theater, undertaking the journey through life and death.  Share light and supper with the ancestors. Bring your offerings of food and libation, as well as candles or memorials to place on the Ancestor Mound.

Closing Paw paw  with Elf

Closing Ritual – Sunday, noon (12:00 pm). Hearthfire
We gather back at Hearthfire to reconnect with the heartbeat of the Earth through chant.
Heart to heart,
Merry part…

Clay Making – Friday, 12:00 – 6:00 pm. Pavilion
Pit Firing – Saturday, late morning – 10:00 pm. Kiln at Village Green

Create your own unique masterpiece, sculpted from clay. You don’t have to be an artist to create a thing of beauty, whether it’s a simple bead to wear as a charm, a leaf-pressing from Mother Nature, a coiled pot, or a whimsical creature to add a touch of fun to your day. Clay and tools provided, all ages welcome (with parental supervision). Led by Jessica Miller, the creation process is evolving this year into a new format. In her own words:

“For many years the ceramic pit fire has been a staple event at Autumn Fires. Through the years we have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work for this kiln, with the aim of increasing the survival and beauty of participants’ art. On that note, I want to detail some changes to the making and firing schedule this year.

First, the clay work will take place on Friday, starting around noon and cleaning up before dinner, or whenever the clay runs out. This will allow more time for work to dry completely and increase the chance of pieces surviving the fire intact. As usual, there will be about 50 pounds of clay available, along with tools and coloring agents.

Second, the firing will not be an all-night process. Too long a firing actually decreases the amount of heat to the work in the bottom of the kiln because it gets buried in ash and insulated from the flames. We plan on loading late in the morning on Saturday and firing until 10ish that evening, at which point the pit will be covered to reduce and cool overnight. Hopefully, we will achieve better maturation and color effects this way. Unloading will be on Sunday morning as in the past.

All-night fires will be burning at the Hearthfire and in Paw Paw for drumming and dancing on Saturday night.”

Pie Bake-Off – Friday, 7:30 – 8:30 pm. Pavilion
It’s the unofficial, totally casual, let’s-eat-pie Autumn Fires Pie Bake-Off! Bring your best, home-baked pie for the pie tasting, after dinner and before the evening concert. Please write a description of your pie on an index card (or piece of paper), listing any ingredients that might be known allergens (wheat, eggs, milk, nuts, etc.). Do not include your name on the card (a numbering system will be used to identify pies).
JUDGING: Those who enter a pie will be able to taste/judge, using score sheets (provided). Depending on how much pie there is to go around, additional judges will likely be welcome. Bribing the organizer may ensure your place as a judge.
PRIZES: Bragging rights, a belly full of delicious pie, and/or whatever anyone wants to donate as a prize. Please see Karen Martin if you’d like to donate a prize!
**Store-bought pies will be thrown at the flaming pumpkins, so don’t even think about trying to sneak one into the tasting.**

Stone Soup & Storytime – Friday, 12:00 pm. Hearthfire
Kids of all ages are invited to join in as we create enough food to feed a village. Led by Quill Childeye, Storyteller, children from the community will add tasty ingredients to the pot as the legend unfolds.
In addition to telling the story of Stone Soup, Quill has developed two brand new stories that will delight children and adults alike. Come and usher in autumn and Halloween with two pieces from classical mythology: “Persephone’s Descent” and “Theseus and the Minotaur.”
A table will be next to the Hearthfire, where your donations are welcomed. The soup will cook until 6:00pm and then will be served until gone.


It may say “kids,” but Big Kids are welcome, too!
Kids’ Village Fall Family Festivities – Saturday 1:00 pm- 3:00pm. Kids’ Village
Kids’ Village staff and volunteers will provide a variety of fall-themed activities for all ages. Drop in anytime during the event for these kid-friendly activities:
•    Fortune-telling
•    Hay rides — 4:00 Friday
•    Bobbing for apples
•    Carnival-style games (with prizes!)
•    Arts and crafts
•    Pumpkin painting for those too young to carve
•    Spooky Stories with Quill
•    Costume Photo Shoot with Jennifer Capone

Prize donations are welcome! Please see the organizer, Heather Sprouse, if you have (non-food) items to amaze and delight the kiddos.

Pumpkin Carving – Saturday, lunch time. Location
Pumpkins and carving supplies will be on hand for kids big and small to try their hand at carving a jack-o’-lantern. These artistic creations will add candle-lit magic to the festivities later in the evening. Parents, please be on hand to help little ones carve their creations safely.

Costume Parade & Trick or Treating – Saturday, after dinner. Location
Break out the cameras and the treats for this popular Autumn Fires tradition. Adorable and scary costumed kids will promenade down the main road, offering tricks to those who have no candy to share – don’t be caught empty-handed! Kicking off the parade and attempting to reign in (or possibly instigate) shenanigans will be the one and only Quill.

Facilitated by Doug Sundling. The Sweat Lodge is a ceremony to ascertain balance through cleansing and renewal. It is a ceremony to celebrate being human. A Sweat Lodge ceremony is shaped by both the past and the present. Your spiritual sincerity is the most important thing you can bring to a Sweat Lodge. No drugs or alcohol; just the 4 Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. Unless arranged otherwise with the facilitator, you must attend NOON ORIENTATION of the day you wish to participate in a Sweat Lodge ceremony. Orientations are held at the Sweat Lodge site. interest is expressed at orientation, there will be an Open Sweat Lodge for adults at dusk. The time of the ceremony will be determined at orientation. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Sweat Lodge: Orientation & Ceremony – Thursday, 12:00 pm / Dusk. Sweat Lodge
If enough participants.

Sweat Lodge: Orientation & Ceremony – Friday, 12:00 pm / Evening. Sweat Lodge
There will be an Open Sweat Lodge for adults on Friday evening. The time of the ceremony will be determined at orientation. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Sweat Lodge: Orientation & Ceremony – Saturday, 12:00 pm / Evening. Sweat Lodge
At the orientation, facilitators and participants will decide whether to have a Silent Sweat Lodge (no talking during ceremony) or an Open

If a particular group or individual or couple desire a Sweat Lodge ceremony for a specific purpose, please talk with Doug Sundling to see if such a ceremony can be arranged.

Introduction to Blacksmithing – Blacksmith O’Kelley (Daily 10am-2pm, Infinity Forge; signup required, adults and teens with permission)
Participants will be offered the opportunity to forge an athame’ or bolline from a railroad spike, or make tiki-torch holders and gardening tools, or suggest their own projects. These sessions will be held for approx. 2 1/2 hrs daily. Available for all ages (under 18 requires parental permission). Registration signup for all classes starts on the 1st day of the festival. Shoes that cover feet fully/long pants/shirt required. Safety glasses provided and required during forging. Forging is free, but a material fee of $5 to $30 (depending on the craft) will be charged if you wish to keep the finished product. Sign up in advance is required and class space is limited.

Tarot & Crystal Ball Readings – Saturday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Gary’s table
Rev. Gary C. Herron, aka Sige’, Wicca High Priest and Shaman, has been reading Tarot and Crystal Ball for over 35 years in the Ohio region. He has astounded clients with his professional counseling, intuitive gifts, and psychic abilities. Whether you are familiar with tarot and scrying, or new to these forms of divination, come by and get a good psychic reading that you will remember for a long time. The cost is a $20 for a 30-minute reading, with all proceeds going to the Wisteria Maintenance Fund for tools & equipment. Gary’s table will be centrally located; drop by for your unique reading and to help support our community.