Solstice 2018, Celebrations and Ceremonies

Solstice 2018, Celebrations and Ceremonies

Ceremonies and Celebrations



9:00 pm Pawpaw opening, Pawpaw

Join us as we awaken the spirit of Pawpaw!

Earth shall rise in primal grace,

Air will move with the dancer’s pace,

Water’s fall, our sacred gift,

Fire rise as Passions lift.

Drums will sound as the mystic calls. Add your voice to the chanting as the spirit calls.

Earth and Air, Fire and Water.

This is the Spirit of Paw paw.


4:00 pm

Garanus The Crane, ADF, Stone  Circle

Garanus is a powerful spirit of change and transformation and we’ll be working with him in this rite to welcome in the Summer Sun. Join your magic with ours as we focus on the aspects of ourselves that we can brighten like the strength of the summer sun in order to brighten ourselves and our work in turn.

9:30 Pawpaw


7:00 Women’s Healing Circle Jen Capone, Facilitator, Stone Circle

Women have been gathering together as mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and healers since the beginning. In our sacred circle, stories are told, tears shed, connections are made, healing and strength all happen. Together we will create sacred space in which we will honor not only ourselves as women, but also honor each other,  and celebrate the joy of sisterhood.

     In this circle, we will be tapping into our inner wisdom to create energy that will connect our hearts, release and lift our spirits, embrace the power and beauty of who we are and honor each other.

     We will be creating, centering and containing energy through a simple tantric dance, centering our own energy at our heart, releasing the energy that no longer serves us into the fire, releasing energy into the universe and connecting healing energies with each other.  We will watch our love and healing travel from sister to sister in the lighting of candles, sharing sacred space and connecting with our hearts. There will be moments of prayer, invocation, and giving thanks to Mother Earth. We will be offering prayers of health and strength to those who are called into the circle.

 This is a place that women can be their true selves and receive support from women who can relate. A time to remove the masks we have been wearing, become our true authentic selves so that we may  live fulfilled lives.

9:30 Pawpaw


1:00 pm Shedding your Skin – A ritual of rebirth & renewal, Beth Zimmerman, facilitator, Pawpaw

We all have some part of our past that doesn’t fitright. It sticks when we try to move on, or follows us in a professional environment. Maybe it came from an old relationship, or it’s ending as you embark on a new career. I want you to find symbols of that world, place, person, or pattern in your life. Create a costume of it. Dress up – wear that three piece suit you want to be able to retire, or those ankle-breaker heels you want to let go of forever. Bring the old diary, the statue from your altar, the ring that used to be on your hand. Bring them, and know that you will NOT be taking them home This is a visceral ritual, one where we will share each others’ struggles as we each shed our skin. Using the four elements, we will destroy symbols our past in order to set a new direction in each of our lives. As we each sacrifice on the altar of change, we will share our truth and our journeys, helping each other to fully release our past. Please note: Any clothes worn for sacrifice will be destroyed. This is recommended but not required. If you participate in that aspect of the ritual, you are welcome to bring a change of clothes for after.


7:00 pm


Gather at the Pavilion to Process To Stone  Circle for the Main Solstice Celebration

7:30 pm


The Wings of Change. Be your own Phoenix as we enter a portal of change to rise again with new life.

CHANGE… Our world is movement, constant change with infinite variations. Most think that CHANGE needs time to manifest but there are moments when CHANGE can happen very quickly – almost from one footstep to the next footstep.  This year’s Solstice Ceremony honors CHANGE with a legend that represents our greatest transformative Change: The Fire Phoenix rising from the ashes of old life to new life.

What if you could change something in your life as easily as walking through an archway? The mind, if focused, can become a most powerful force we know. What if you could approach this archway or Portal of Change bearing an old problem, a repeating destructive pattern, or a painful emotion — and by walking through it, you can leave the negativity behind for the fire to consume?  Join us tonight and become your own Phoenix. Target what is blocking your progress in life, surrender it to the flames, and begin your Change for a brighter tomorrow. Procession to the ceremony begins at the Pavilion.

10:00 pm Pawpaw


5:00 pm Petite Pawpaw, Fire,  Drumming and dancing for the younger Crowd, Pawpaw

Please  join us as we help our  children begin the journey to our traditional joyful expression of Life.

9:30 pm  Pawpaw

9:30 pm  Fire show in front of  Ancestor mound

10:00 pm Labyrinth of the ways Illumination, Rev Lynx and The GFG

Join us as we illuminate the Labyrinth of the Ways. Take a reflective walk through the Ways and join us at the Sacred Fire within. Whether to Fairy Shrine, or on the way back, the Labyrinth awaits to help you find your way, connect with Wisteria or offer a moment to reflect.

If you have Stones from your home area or place of special significance, feel free to add them to the Labyrinth walls.

12 mn Friday Night  Fairy Lights, Fairy Ball and Masquerade, Angela Riffle, Hostess and fairy liason, Fairy Shrine

Here we are, once again, my dear fairies, freaks and folk. Join us at the witching hour to be part of out midnight revels. Don’t forget your mask as not to confuse our fay friends. It might behoove you to bring a shiny gift to appease our friends as well. 18 years old and up only.



1:00 pm Solstice Blot, Rev. Donna Donovan, officiant, Ancestor Mound

The Blot is the most common ritual within Asatru. In its simplest form a blot is making a sacrifice to the Gods. The blot consists of three parts, the hallowing or consecrating of the offering, the sharing of the offering, and the libation. Each of these is equally important.

One of the most common celebrations noted in tales of our ancestors is the Sumbel or ritual drinking celebration. After the Blot, we will go forward with a three round sumbel based on the following rounds:

1) Goddesses and Gods

2) What you’ve accomplished in the past year

3) What you hope to accomplish in the coming year

After the three rounds are over, people may share stories and songs.

Please join us as we hold a Midsummer Blot in honor of Sunna.


930 pm Pawpaw

10:00 pm Tortuga

Join the Pirates of the CUC Constantine in exploring Transformation and Transcendence through artistic expression. Leave your inhibitions in your tents, but bring your instruments, seats and dancing feet! A formal  Ages 21 and up only, no admittance without ID, please no cameras in Tortuga space.”


“TORTUGA! AGES 21+ NO EXCEPTIONS  *A formal ritual precedes the celebration.*

This year’s ritual theme is the Phoenix. We will be exploring through ecstatic worship the power of transformation and transcendence through artistic expression. Fine attire, beverage to share, and musical instruments are encouraged. Leave your inhibitions in your tents, along with any minors. Please, no cameras in ritual space! If you are not clearly over the age of 21+, please bring an I.D. Please see our Pirate Merchant Space for more details and ask a pirate about this year’s ritual theme.”