Workshop schedule

Workshop schedule

Reverend Patrick McCollum
H.M. Reverend Patrick McCollum was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Award in 2010 at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., and he received the Ralph Bunche International Peace Award at the United Nations in New York in 2016. H.M. Rev. McCollum was recently named as one of the world’s foremost peace leaders by the Shift Network, the world’s largest Internet peace organization in 2016, and he advises world leaders and countries across the globe on peaceful resolution of international conflict.

Peace: What is it and how do we get there?
Saturday, 1:00PM – 2:30PM. Pavilion.
This workshop will discuss the concept of peace and search for the common touchstone that all peace plans strive to answer. Then we will explore direct actions and strategies that the participants can incorporate that help lead to peace, and also discuss why most peace plans do not work.
This workshop will prepare the participant to be able to successfully promote peace and will share insights seldom shared at a public level.

The World Peace Violin: A Metaphor for Peace
Thursday, 1:00PM – 2:30PM. Pavilion.
Come hear the story of the miraculous World Peace Violin which was acknowledged by the United Nations as a official symbol of world peace. Learn why over a million people have touched it and added blessings for peace to it and why world leaders consider it so special. Learn why world spiritual leaders are calling it a miracle!
Each participant will have the opportunity to hold this amazing instrument and to add their blessings for peace to it.

Scarlet Rivera

Voice of the Animals

Saturday, 1:00PM – 2:30PM. Pavillion
Together we will enter secret hidden caves of imagination and knowledge of our Original connection with the Animal Kingdom. We will explore how human societies through the ages lived in harmony and explored the mysteries of the creatures they share their world with. We will celebrate the primordial wildness of the living earth, and connect with animal spirits through dance, guided meditation, music, and stories of friendship and kinship.

Kirk White
Masterful Living : Creating Peace and Harmony in One’s Life and the World
Tuesday, 1:00PM – 2:30PM. Pavilion.
Cultivating Inner Peace and Balance in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Tradition
Wednesday, 1:00PM – 2:30PM. Greenman.
This class is about history’s most famous magickal Order, what they do, and why, and how it can bring inner peace and fulfillment.

Renaissance Magick and the Harmony of the Spheres
Friday, 1:00PM – 2:30PM. Greenman.
“That which is above is the same as that which is below.” The multi-tiered Renaissance worldview has much it can teach us about how to bring peace and harmony to the world.

Alex Wedmedyk
Alex Wedmedyk is a musician and facilitator, blended with the power of rhythm. He is a Master Drummaker, Drummer, Workshop Facilitator, Performer, and Craftsman. In his playshops, he integrates the powerful methods of shamanism with ecstatic trance rhythms, as well as rhythms for fun-fulfillment. Now as a member of EarthHeart, you can see and feel the transformative effect of rhythm. “Rhythm creates life, life creates the flow. Our inner and outer being manifest on this lifestream as we move forward to parts unknown.”

Invoking the Rhythm god Ba-Ku-Ba
Thursday, 4:30PM – 6:00PM. Village Green.
Invoking the god of rhythm Bak-Ku-Ba, and seeing how he manifests in some West African Drum Rhythms. This is a hands-on-your-djembe workshop. Don’t have a drum? See Alex for the use of a drum. Students of all levels are welcome.

Going Deeper Into Rhythm
Friday, 4:30PM – 6:00PM. Village Green.
We will explore variations in rhythm. Learn simple techniques that will expand your drum jammin’. We will add layers and begin to solo over the top of these rhythms. When layers are added, this is where everything gets really interesting!

Charlene Suggs
Charlene Suggs has devoted much of the last thirty years envisioning and implementing creative ways for people to share land, life, and vision. She is the founding president of the land-based community Wisteria and continues to assist Wisteria’s growth in various capacities. As a community organizer, she works with various progressive organizations in the southeast Ohio region. She is a co-founder of ARECC (Appalachian Renewable Energy Consumer Cooperative) and the Southeast Ohio Chapter of the Bionutrient Association. Currently, she is employed with the Green School Buildings Solar Cooperative Initiative project. Charlene is particularly fascinated by insects, nature, redesigning dysfunctional cultural and economic systems, words, the arts and general details of life.

Wisteria’s History and  Cake
Wednesday, 3:00PM-4:30PM
Wisteria is 20 years old this year! Join us for an interesting review and trip down memory lane from the founding president Charlene Suggs.

Starla Groeber
Ineesha Ingane, aka “Sparkle Baby,” is of gypsy descent. She has been studying Vodoun and most recently, Lucumi for the last 5 years. Ineesha works closely with Oshun and the Dead. She is a healer, teacher, and reads tea leaves, coffee grounds, and tarot.

Oshun’s Honey Pot
Friday, 3:00PM – 4:30PM. Greenman. Age: Adults only, 21+
Oshun is the spark of life. She compasses all the sweet things that make life worth living. We will discuss some of the attributes of Oshun and create one version of her Honey Pot, which is a mixture designed to help the student find their spake. Alcohol is a part of the Honey Pot, but patrons can use spring water instead.

Tina Gutierrez
As someone that would be uncomfortable being photographed nude, I have found it incredibly odd that I love photographing others without clothes. Many of the women who have modeled reported the sessions as “freeing and healing,” I think I find them that way as well. I admire the courage it took for these women to allow themselves to be recorded with my camera, and how beautifully all of them worked together to create these images. In this series there are no professional models. Almost everyone was nervous and a little uncomfortable in the beginning and, truthfully, I felt that way a bit, too. Being a woman, I felt a special connection with my models as we worked together to find movements and positions that show a harmonious feminine perspective with the body as art: a feminine perspective that we found together thru trust.

I also enjoy working with men, and men and women together. There is something unique about working with women, though, that I especially love. A special sense of sisterhood? Trust? Love? It’s hard to describe the feeling. But I think that’s okay. My desire is that the images convey what I am meaning to say better than words ever could.

Photography -The Natural Nude, for photographers and models (2 sessions)
Session1: Tuesday, 3:00PM – 4:30PM. Hickory Grove.
Session 2: Wednesday, 4:30PM – 6:00PM. Pond.
Age: 21+. Models will need to sign waivers.
Figurative and Fine Art Nude Photography outdoors!

Learn to see with “new” eyes
Analyze the light
Don’t shoot like everyone else
Find your own vision
Try different perspectives and views
Think outside of the box

Since the beginning of time, the human form has captivated every kind of artist. For photographers, the creation of tender but dramatic nudes takes vision, patience, and an attention to detail. We will work toward an understanding of the basic principles of lighting and posing for nude photography. Each photographer has not only a unique ‘eye’ for seeing the world around them, but also a unique perspective on life. When this is harnessed and incorporated into your photographs, they can evolve into truly wonderful works of art. In order to create a safe environment for our models, you must be present at the beginning of class to participate in the shooting. Sorry no latecomers.
Models of all shapes and sizes are welcome. I will have basic model releases. Photographers should expect to share their images with the models.
Photographers should have a basic understanding of their cameras. We will be mostly focusing on interacting creatively with the model and nature and seeing the light.
Heavy rain cancels. Light rain location may be changed.
Photographers, please bring:

  • Your  camera
  • Extra batteries
  • Bug repellent
  • Rain protection for you camera
  • Hiking shoes
  • I recommend wearing long sleeves and jeans.

A thoughtful photographer takes care of their model and offers bug repellent, as well, and may even bring a brown or green towel for her in case she is sitting in an uncomfortable position on the ground.
Please bring a bag for your things, and possibly a robe for going through the woods. Bug repellent and hiking shoes are a good idea. Please don’t wear any elastic or tight fitting clothing for at least a few hours before class.

Carolyn Hinds-Ball
I am a hereditary witch, mainly solitary. I have been a tarot reader for over 45 years.

Tarot with a Rare Twist
Tuesday, 10:00AM-11:30 Village Green.
I have an English alphabet for all 78 cards. I found it in a book in the Marshall stacks years ago. I forgot to write the name of the book, and have never found it again. Would like to share.

Beth Zimmerman
Beth is a student of many trades, ranging from art to engineering to the metaphysical. She has been working as a priestess in the Greater Lafayette area of Indiana for over a decade, working with the Purdue Pagan Academic Network as well as with individual students. She and her husband run a Pagan-based church, God’s Guild, out of their home, with around 100 attendees. She’s excited to bring her “study sessions” here to Wisteria for the first time.

Living the Wheel of the Year
Friday, 10:00AM-11:30. Pavilion.
All of us were told to go “act like grown ups,” but I don’t seem to remember being told how that really works. However, the Wheel of the Year gives an amazing structure from which to set goals, build up our personal stories, and discover ourselves, year after year. A simple framework, it sets an amazing stage that we can then personalize for whatever life brings us. This will involve making your own Wheel to take home with you – personal art supplies are welcome!

Communicating with Local Spirits, for Worse or Better
Saturday, 10:00AM-11:30. Stone Circle.
Learning the spirit of one’s land is a complex process. Whether nonplanar beings, nature spirits, ghosts, guardians, or even human memories, Beth has learned to connect and communicate with a range of local beings. She wants to help you tune yourself to learn about them, guard against the unwelcome, and find peace with these amazing and fun aspects of our world. This will be hands-on, focused time, learning from our environment. Please ensure all attendees can use the time well – children are welcome to come, if they want to learn for themselves.

Leesa Kern
I have been a member of the Pagan community since 1992, when I attended my first Samhain ritual. Since then, I have been seeking a variety of paths until I found Ar nDraoicht Fein in 2002, and became a Druid. Through this path, I have discovered I greatly enjoy helping others, and chose to begin ADF’s Initiatory path in 2010, focusing on serving the folk in a direct one-to-one setting through divination, trancework, and magic.

An ADF Rite of Blessing
Wednesday, 4:30PM – 6:00PM. Nemeton.
This ritual will be a rite of blessing done in the style of Ar nDraiocht Fein. We will give offering to the gods, ancestors, and spirits of the land, and see what blessings they give us in return. **If anyone has special offerings or other special requests, please contact me before the rite.**

Who’s Who and What’s What: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to ADF
Wednesday, 10:00AM – 11:30AM. Nemeton.
A brief overview and introduction into Ar nDraiocht Fein cosmology and liturgical design. We will discuss the cultural influences of ADF Druidry, and how those play into a basic liturgical design we call the “Core Order of Ritual.”

Kellianna Girouard
Kellianna is an American Pagan singer and songwriter internationally renowned for her powerful performance of song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places, and ancient times. With guitar and vocals, she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With primal frame drumming and soaring vocal chants, she honors the Earth and the Ancestors. Since 2003, Kellianna has performed her music in 10 countries on 3 continents, with regular visits to Canada, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Australia.

In 2014, Kelllianna began developing a book trilogy, the Warrior Queen Chronicles, inspired by the song “Warrior Queen” from her 2004 debut album, Lady Moon. While the song tells of a mighty queen who dies on the battlefield, the trilogy of novels narrates the events of her life leading up to the battle. Helping Kellianna in the process of creation is Australian author Kaalii Cargill. After meeting Cargill in Sydney in October 2013, and again in the United Kingdom in 2014 when she picked up the author’s latest book, “Daughters of Time,” Kellianna knew that she had found the perfect person to help her bring her vision of the Warrior Queen’s story to life.

Book One of the Warrior Queen Chronicles, “Tapestry of Dark and Light,” was released by Sappho Books in March of 2016 .

Journey to Avalon: A Sacred Chant Circle with Kellianna
Thursday, 3:00PM – 4:30PM. Hickory Grove. Age: Teens and Adults
Using seasonal, elemental and Avalonian chants, Kellianna will lead participants in a journey to the ancient Isle of Avalon to meet the Welsh Fairie King, Gwynn Ap Nudd, and visit his palace, Anwnn, located inside the Glastonbury Tor. The mists of Avalon will part and invite you to a place between places, where the fairies dine and dance in a crystal palace, where the white and red springs run wild and where your voice will echo through time…

Book Signing
Thursday, 5:00PM, after the Journey to Avalon workshop. Kellianna’s vending booth.

Friday, 9:00PM, after the Peace Ritual. Main Stage.

Jen Capone
I am a mother and homeschooler to a wonderful daughter, a self-taught artist, and fiber artist. I encourage art and creativity wherever I can. I believe children flourish with love, guidance, and play. I am a certified young girls mentor and am currently studying to become certified in NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and teen mentorship, for both genders. It is my hope to bring all that I have learned to the youth of our community.

Kids’ Meditation and Dance
Early Morning Stretch and Meditation

Wednesday and Thursday, 9:30AM – 10:00AM. Kid Village. Age: Younger Children
We will be able to meet and greet friends we haven’t seen in a while or make new friends while stretching our bodies and our imagination. I will offer 2 morning workshops just before daycare opens to get the kids ready for the day.

Thursday-Fox Day
We will pretend to be foxes as we stretch, waking from our long sleep excited for the sunny day during a quiet meditation (very short, as the children are young). Then, we get to wear fox masks and play instruments as we dance to “What Does the Fox Say?”

Friday-Bird Day
We will pretend to be birds cracking out of our shells, stretching out our wings during a short meditation, and then we get to play instruments and wave ribbon wands as we dance to “Little Bird.”

Mother and Daughter Meditation
Tuesday, 10:00AM – 11:30AM. Greenman.
A guided meditation on how we are similar, to help gain insight and understanding of each other to allow your mother-daughter relationship to grow. After meditation, we will be making a keepsake celebrating our bodies and what it is like becoming a young woman or mother.

I am known as Elf. I have been a part of the Wisteria family for many years, as a volunteer, presenter, and ritual leader. I walk the mystic path; a seer, a shaman, a healer. Every day I celebrate the mysteries of the sacred and the connections between ourselves and the great spirits.

Crafting a Spirit Drum
Tuesday, 3:00PM – 4:30PM. Village Green. Age: Teens and Adults
In this workshop, I will go over each of the steps required to build a hand drum, from the construction of the frame to the final awakening of the finished drum. I will have on hand the supplies for 6 drums if any participants would like to make their own over the course of the festival.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Energetic Cords
Saturday, 3:00PM – 4:30PM. Elf’s Camp. Age: Teens and Adults
Cords…what are they? Why do they form? How to get rid of them? This is by far the most popular workshop I have given and can make a real difference in your life.

How to Create and Empower Sacred Space
Thursday, 3:00PM – 4:30PM. Elf’s Camp.
This workshop will cover the ways and means to empowering a location to facilitate magical workings, healing, or spiritual communication.

Guru Aum Jah/Karl Bierly
Experiential Metaphysical Practitioner, Oneness Deeksha Giver, Flowering Heart Blessing Giver, Minister, Author, Spiritual Healer, and Trainer in the fields of: Reiki, Sacred Sexuality and Moksha Magick, Energy Work, the Chakras, and Soulful Intimacy.

Intentional Health and Happiness
Thursday, 10:00AM – 11:30AM. Greenman.
Healthy people tend to be happy people. Conversely, happy people tend to be healthy people. The question becomes, “Why?” Our health and happiness have one thing in common. This workshop explores the connecting thread, the causation, how to see it, and how to manifest a healthier and happier life.
Intentional Health and Happiness is a continuous 90-minute interaction with Guru Jah. This program cannot be segmented.

Premise basis extracted from:

  • “Permanent Healing” by Dr. Daniel Condron
  • “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss, PhD
  • “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can” by Caroline Myss, PhD
  • “Deepen Love and Happiness with Healthy Anger: A guide to Owning and Expressing our Feelings” by Guru Jah

The Flowering Heart Blessing
Monday, 3:00PM – 4:30PM. Hickory Grove.
Flowering of the Heart to Universal Love
Awakening the Divine Within
Healing and Awakening to Higher Consciousness
Transfer of Spiritual Energy and Consciousness
For some the spiritual journey is about pursuing higher states of consciousness, awakening, enlightenment, and transcendence. For others, it is all about unity with the Divine. For others it is about embodying Spirit, becoming fully human, and reaching out to the world in very practical ways. The Flowering of the Heart is a middle path that naturally results in all of these things.

This interactive workshop includes material from a four-hour intensive training session entitled “The Power of Blessing” personally attended by Guru Jah in his own spiritual expansion. Participants will receive the Blessing; and, participants will be fully empowered to transfer [give] the Blessing to others.
Length of workshop: 90-minutes to two-hours dependent on the number of attendees. It cannot be broken into segments.

Melody Fisher
Dr. Melody Blass Fisher is a clinical psychologist who has worked as a therapist in a range of settings, from city hospitals to universities to community mental health centers. She has worked with people struggling with various challenges, but focuses on anxiety and trauma-related diagnoses. Dr. Fisher lives in western Massachusetts.

A Spiritual Path Through Anxiety
Tuesday, 10:00AM – 11:30AM.  Hickory Grove, please  bring  chairs
Anxiety—it feels the same, whether the danger is a scream in the night or an upcoming work presentation. How can we find peace? This workshop by an experienced clinical psychologist will discuss how the space in which we live is often circumscribed by anxiety. We will use a spiritual framework to consider the role anxiety plays in our lives, and learn about some strategies for changing our response.

Pixie Sue Schmid
In her life, Pixie can claim she has been the following things: Pirate, Cat Wrangler, Bacteria Whisperer, Geek Extraordinaire, Skyclad Dancer, Lymphoma Slayer, Expert in Mommy Medicine, Bubble Assistant, Tale Trader, Aspiring Do-Gooder, All Around Pain-in-the-Ass, Halfling Trainer, Kelda, and an Outrageous Liar. Her qualifications for being listened to are short, though notable. She has done many stupid things, and yet managed to live past age thirty.

The Science of Shakers
Wed 4:30PM – 5:30PM, Kids’ Village.
Come make a special shaker to play around Paw Paw. We will experiment on how to make different sounds.

Cast Iron Chef
Secret ingredient announced: Tuesday, 12:30PM.  Pavillion
Judging: Wednesday, 4:30PM. Pavillion
Participants will be given a secret ingredient and have a 24 hours to present two dishes made with the ingredient. Their dishes will be judged on creativity, use of ingredient, and presentation of the dishes. The secret ingredient will provided. Everything else will have to come from around the campground. Participants can beg, barter, and borrow, but can not leave the campgrounds for any ingredients. Winner

Blacksmith O’Kelley
Demonstrating Artist Blacksmith O’Kelley has been fabricating and welding metal crafts using modern methods since 1993. He has been demonstrating traditional coal-forge blacksmithing at Renaissance Fairs since 2004. Wisteria Solstice 2007 was his first Earth-based festival and he looks forward to returning many times in the future. His interest in blacksmithing has evolved into an effort to pass knowledge of the craft on to others in order that the art does not die. He attends the Unitarian Church in Huntington, West Virginia with his daughters Sierra, Rowan, and Catie (and nieces Cassy and Sammy). One of his goals is to learn more about his Celtic origins, particularly Celtic forging techniques.

Introduction to Blacksmithing
10:00AM -2:00PM daily, signup required. Spirit Forge camp. Age: Teens and Adults.

Participants will be offered the opportunity to forge an athame’ or bolline from a railroad spike, or make tiki-torch holders and gardening tools, or suggest their own projects. These sessions will be held for approx. 2 1/2 hrs daily. Available for all ages (under 18 requires parental permission). Registration signup for all classes starts on the 1st day of the festival. Shoes that cover feet fully/long pants/shirt required. Safety glasses provided and required during forging. Forging is free, but a material fee of $5 to $30 (depending on the craft) will be charged if you wish to keep the finished product. Sign up in advance is required and class space is limited.

Seeker has been attending Solstice celebrations at Wisteria for over a decade. Firedancer, teacher, playwright, science geek, seamstress, and actor, she built her first labyrinth by mowing paths to create a classic seven-circuit path in her field – a labyrinth big enough to be seen by GoogleEarth! She began building labyrinths for others when asked to create one for Earth Warriors in 2010. She has since designed many originals, as well as recreating classical labyrinth designs. Seeker also takes care of firespinning safety at Wisteria Solstice, and will be performing with Amethystone.

Fire Safety
Wednesday, 10:00AM. Spin Zone. Age: Teens and Adults.

Open Spin
Wednesday, 10:00PM, and Thursday, 11:00PM. Spin Zone. Age: Teens and Adults.
Why fire safety? Because, by being safe, we help keep fire at our festival! Become more comfortable with fire, learn to spot for a spinner, how to put out toys, what to watch out for when fire is involved, and treatment of the inevitable burn. Highly recommended for new folks who would like to light up their fire toys eventually, and for those who plan to be a spotter for any spinner. This is not a fire spinning workshop, but one that focuses on the ins and outs of being safe at a festival with fire. Appropriate for those new to fire, those who wish to brush up on their safety skills, or those who want to find out what Wisteria’s fire guidelines are all about. Please wear fire-safe clothing to this workshop. Cotton and denim are great. No sarongs, please! Attendance at the Fire Safety workshop or check-in with Seeker is required for anyone who wants to spin; there will be special wrist bands.

Facilitated by  Ren
Recovery Circle
Thursday, Friday and  Saturday, 7:00PM-8:00PM Village Green
An hour of fellowship for those of us on a spiritual path in our recovery from addictions. This is an open circle and all are welcome to attend.

Eve Arthur
From an early age, Eve has loved learning and practicing the various movement arts found in many cultures the world over. She first studied yoga in 2006, and discovered its profound benefits extended beyond just improving physical well-being. Dancing from an early age, she loves blending different movement styles, and thinks of yoga practice as a moving, meditative art form.

Vinyasa Yoga
Friday and Saturday, 9:00AM. Stone Circle.
Salute the Solstice sun and build internal fire (tapas) through this athletic style of yoga!

Regina Rivers
Regina is a shamanic practitioner, energy worker, and relationship coach at Rivers Healing Arts, LLC near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been coming to Wisteria’s Summer Solstice events since 2006. She’s happy to be back!

The Shadow Side of Lightwork
Monday, 1:00PM – 2:30PM. Hickory Grove. Please bring chairs.
Being a lightworker isn’t all fluffy bunny stuff! Often we work with deep shadow. Just what do we do with negative intrusions, bad juju, other people’s energies, and disempowered clients? How “real” do we allow ourselves to be in the public eye? Is it right to be paid for the work we do? Do we have ethical requirements? How do we keep ego at bay? Bring your personal questions or challenges to this group discussion and we will shine some much-needed light into the shadows of our work.

Pirates of the C.U.C. Constantine
The Pirates of the C.U.C. Constantine is a small collective of independent minds bent on bringing more pirate antics into the world. As a circle of solitary practitioners, we celebrate the individual path to Pagan spirituality and rejoice in the opportunity to share our voyage with our good friends. The Pirates have been veterans of the Pagan festival scene for over a decade. The Pirates are active, contributing members of the Wicca community who encourage civic-minded acts of volunteerism to promote Pagan values and Earth stewardship. As solitary practitioners, the Pirates believe the path to spirituality is a deeply personal one. Operating under the artistic umbrella of the “theater troupe,” the pirates bring a unique perspective to live performance, historical commentary, and classic satire.

Pirates and Peace
Wednesday, 3:00PM – 4:30PM. Pirate’s Cove.
A candid discussion about living a magical life in a sometimes intolerant world. Pirates will lead campers in a workshop about conflict resolution, peace-promoting tactics, and general brainstorming of ways to work to achieve group harmony within community.

Marshmallow Fairy Battle
Thursday, 3:00PM – 4:00PM. Kids’ Village.
No sharp weapons, only sweet ones! The Pirates lead one hour of child-/family-friendly activities at Child Care, culminating with an epic marshmallow battle between the fairies and the Pirates. The Pirates will be at Child Care at 3:00PM, and the marshmallow battle begins promptly at 3:45PM to allow time for clean up. Please plan accordingly.

Pirate Games
Friday, 4:30PM – 6:00PM. Pirate’s Cove. Age: 18+
Based on the famous Scottish highlander competitions, match muscle and wit against the Pirates in a variety of whimsical games. will get a prize and bragging rights.

Doug Sundling
Doug has been involved with sweatlodges since 1986. Since 1997, he has constructed and maintained a sweatlodge site at Wisteria. While he has facilitated sweatlodge ceremonies at various other festivals, he currently has focused on facilitating sweatlodges for events held at Wisteria.

2016 Wisteria Summer Solstice Sweatlodge Workshops
Three types of sweatlodges will be offered during the Summer Solstice Festival: an Open Sweatlodge, an All-Women’s Sweatlodge, and a 2-day Medicine Sweatlodge.

The Sweatlodge Ceremony begins when you contact the facilitator to express your interest in participating. The facilitator will then provide necessary advice on preparing for that particular sweatlodge ceremony. You must attend orientation if you wish to participate in a sweatlodge ceremony. Orientations are held at the Sweatlodge site.

Monday, June 20, NOON: Orientation for an Open Sweatlodge at dusk, time to be determined at orientation. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Tuesday, June 21, NOON: Day 1 Orientation for Medicine Sweatlodge to be facilitated Wednesday evening. Participants must attend Tuesday’s orientation. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Wednesday, June 22, NOON: Day 2 Orientation for a Medicine Sweatlodge to be facilitated Wednesday evening, time to be determined at orientation. See description for Medicine Sweatlodge. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Thursday, June 23, NOON: If enough interest is expressed at Orientation, Diana Druga will facilitate an All-Women’s Sweatlodge at dusk, time to be determined at orientation. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Friday, June 24, NOON: Orientation for an Open Sweatlodge at dusk, time to be determined at orientation. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Saturday, June 25, NOON: If enough interest is expressed at orientation, a Silent Sweatlodge (no talking) will be facilitated at dusk, time to be determined at Orientation. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Unless arranged otherwise with the facilitator,
you must attend the NOON ORIENTATION at the Sweatlodge site
if you wish to participate in a sweatlodge ceremony.

A Medicine Lodge will be facilitated for those who desire to foster clarity with a specific intent or healing of wounds or traumas that linger from the past, from violated trust inflicted by blemishes of the will. This 2-day ceremony offers a safe haven to reflect, to honestly express, to share, to have support and guidance from others, and to do so within ritual. Your ears and shared wisdom will be just as important as your desire for clarity and healing. On Day 1, Tuesday, June 21, we gather at noon at the Sweatlodge site to have orientation and share. Day 2, Wednesday, June 22, will require (1) fasting in a manner appropriate for the individual, (2) gathering at noon to prep the Sweatlodge site and to discuss the ceremony, (3) having time to be quiet and reflective, and finally, (4) engaging the evening sweatlodge ceremony.

If enough interest is expressed, a Silent Sweatlodge (no talking during sweatlodge ceremony) can be facilitated Saturday evening. If a particular group or individual or couple desire a sweatlodge ceremony for a specific purpose, please talk with me to see if such a ceremony can be arranged.

Monday, 1:00PM. Sweatlodge site.
To engage the sweatlodge is to engage more than a sum of its components. This workshop is open to anyone interested in the sweatlodge – a look into its history, how various lodges are constructed, how to firetend, and other nuances of what makes the sweatlodge experience. Everyone attending will be encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with the sweatlodge. Those who wish to firetend for sweatlodges or help maintain the sweatlodge experience at Wisteria should attend.