Welcome To Wisteria

Nature and Community- Untamed, Unashamed, Wild and Free

A Natural World

In this fast paced, constantly racing world, Wisteria is a place where you can escape. For over 25 years of camping, festivals and events, Wisteria has been a world all its own. A place where people can be free, safe, secure and valued. We are a strong and loving community always looking to open our arms to you. Come join us and see what magical place has touched thousands of peoples lives. A place where you are free to be you in the safety and comfort of nature and community. Wisteria was founded as a nature preserve with over 620 acres to explore. Now it is a place to express yourself and join our home hidden in the woods

A Note About 2022 Festival Season:

Hello everyone!

With the holidays behind and winter settling in, we here at Wisteria are starting to prepare for the upcoming season! We know you’re all just as excited as we are for spring and summer to return and festivals to begin again and we are so very excited to welcome you home again. However, we are undergoing a few administrative adjustments for the Wisteria run events such as Solstice and Autumn Fires and we may be using a different booking method. With that said, we are going to block out those dates on Campspot to avoid any confusion as we sort out some of the logistics. We are also not taking registration for events but will be very soon. We’ll let you know as soon as everything is ready.

Thank you so much for your patience and we hope you’re having a wonderful year so far!

Take a Glimpse of into the World of Wisteria

Open Camping has begun!

Come experience nature anytime you’d like! Open camping resumes on April 1st, 2022. We are open for camping through October 31st. 


Wisteria is home to many unique festivals and events. Come experience festivities that are unlike any other. No year is the same as we offer different events for the season. Look into what things are happening and see if you would like to be a part of the magic happening this year. You can also reach out to us to book your own event. Let us grow and learn together. No event is the same, take a look at what’s happening now.

A Home

Wisteria is a safe and loving place with a generous and kind community. It offers a land where people can be free and accepted for who they are. Find like-minded people and explore what Wisteria is and what it can be to you. 

People escape to the beautiful rolling hills and open air of Wisteria to get away and get in touch with nature and self. Come experience an event or just come to get away and camp for a little. The more you come the more you feel like you are finally coming home. 

Upcoming Events

Tribal Connection Graphic

June 3rd - June 4th

Tribal connection

Tribal Connection is a music and art festival. This will be their first year at Wisteria! 


June 20th - June 26th

2022 Appalachian Summer Solstice

The time has come to register for Appalachian Summer Solstice 2022! This will be Wisteria’s first week-long event since 2019 and it’s going to be packed with amazing speakers, workshops, rituals and community. We’ll update as our programing schedule as it grows. Keep an eye out for updates here as well as on our social media channels!

July 12th-18th


Reawaken, renew, and expand at The Starwood Festival, America’s Longest Running Transformational Festival.

Photo by Jessica Fritz Miller
Photo by Jessica Fritz Miller

August 4- August 7th


Traditionally, European cultures have celebrated the first fruits of the annual harvest at the beginning of August. Come to Wisteria and celebrate the beginning of the harvest season with bonfires, drumming, camping, dancing, and community.


Stone Soup - AF - Wisteria ES - Bill

September - Soon To Be Announced

Manifest/Labor Day Weekend (Volunteer Appreciation)

This weekend is dedicated to all our wonderful volunteers. We also offer open camping. 

September 21st-September 25th

Wild Spirit Fesitval

Early bird pricing ends May 1st!

“Wild Spirit Festival is a 5 day outdoor Pagan festival devoted to doing deep transformational work while out in nature and supported by community.

During this time, we’ll explore storytelling, ritual, art, and movement in the beautiful surroundings of southeastern Ohio.

Wild Spirit Festival offers a vegetarian or vegan meal plan and is an alcohol-free festival.”

Firetending - WES

September TBA

Prometheus Gathering

“This is the celebration of the gift of Fire to man stolen from Zeus by Prometheus.”

Prometheus Gathering is a celebration of Fire that features flow instructors and fire spinning, live music, art, and more.

October 6th-10th

Autumn fires

Autumn Fires honors harvest, Halloween, and Hallows. Hardy campers celebrate seasonal color with music, feasting, workshops,  and campfires. This seasonal event features a community-wide pottery workshop and all-night pottery pit-firing with drumming and dancing.  Autumn Fires is a kid’s paradise, with cooperative play, crafts, pumpkin carving, and other seasonal activities. Our ancestors will be honored with ceremony, remembrance, and an Ancestor Shrine.

Hestia, photo by Aaron Dye
Hestia, photo by Aaron Dye
Photo by Jessica Fritz Miller
Photo by Jessica Fritz Miller

The Night of the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

We traditionally host a small community gathering during the night of Winter Solstice. If you’re an experienced cold weather camper and the weather is cooperating, feel free to come join us. Bring your cold weather gear (expect rain, snow, and cold), instruments, food to share for the pot-luck, and a decent vehicle. Bring water because there are NO SERVICES other than portable toilets! For more information follow us on Facebook.