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Prices are good through December 31, 2019. 

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Sunset over Grand Field Photo by Nellie Werger

Wisteria is a special event site and campground, nature preserve, and residential community, nestled in the Appalachian foothills of southern Ohio. Founded in 1997 with a purchase of land including reclaimed mining areas, Wisteria is dedicated to cooperative ownership, sustainability, education, and responsible stewardship of the land.

The special event site and campground is a private, secluded, and beautiful area which hosts Summer Solstice, Autumn Fires, and several other festival events throughout the year. The campground includes many amenities such as a stage, a large covered pavilion with a commercial kitchen and coffee shop, shower house, hiking trails, and natural swimming pond. For private events, Wisteria can customize its services to accommodate everything from a small woodland wedding to large events with 1000+ attendees.

Our nature preserve covers 200 acres. This preserve is dedicated to protecting the diverse species of vegetation and wildlife unique to this area. Wisteria is also a residential community, with families living on the land and in the surrounding areas. Many Wisterian families practice sustainable living, utilizing alternative energy sources such as solar power.

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