Appalachian Summer Solstice 2024

celebrate the longest day at wisteria!

Appalachian Summer Solstice at Wisteria is a celebration of community, eco-spirituality, Appalachian traditions old and new, and the longest day of the year! This will be the 7th Appalachian Summer Solstice with a focus on regional and cultural folk traditions.

Appalachian Summer Solstice
June 20th-23rd, 2024

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View the full event program below! Appalachian Summer Solstice will host many exciting and interactive workshops, including a presentation by Ohio Wildlife Center and a diverse selection of talks from Byron Ballard! Performers include Brian Henke and Digger T., and Friday’s Pride Night welcomes drag queens Rayley Saphron, Kazma Knights, and Freak!
This event includes all of our beloved favorite staples such as the Faerie Ball, Shrine Lighting, a fire-lit walk at the Labyrinth of the Ways, the Tea Dance, working with a blacksmith to learn the basics of forging a knife, nightly drumming and fires at the newly-renovated Pawpaw Drum and Fire Circle, and so much more!
It’s supposed to be a hot one this year, so please bring appropriate weather gear and be mindful of taking any necessary precautions to ensure you’ll have a safe, fun Midsummer. The pond will be an excellent location to cool off, and the shade at Green Man Tavern will be most welcoming with an ice-cold beverage.

Appalachian Summer Solstice is a celebration of community, eco-spirituality, Appalachian traditions old and new, and, of course, the Longest Day. This will be the 7th Appalachian Summer Solstice with a focus on regional and cultural folk traditions. Included are daily workshops and presentations, rituals, sweatlodges, live music and local draft beverages in our own woodland Green Man Tavern, nightly drumming, dancing, and fire circles, a swimming pond, and so much more. 

Note for vendors: Vending at Appalachian Summer Solstice is free with your entry. Please click on the link below to register your merchant information. 

Caffeina’s Cosmic Cafe and Hestia’s Hearth Kitchen will also be open during the event. Caffeina’s features delicious Silver Bridge Coffee and Hestia’s Hearth Kitchen serves full meals.



Brian Henke at Woodchopper's 2017

Brian Henke

IPMA (International Pagan Music Awards) Best Male
Artist winner both in 2019 and again in 2020, Brian
Henke composes and performs his music like a
painter putting images on canvas, a kind of sonic
shaman, drawing his inspiration from the world
around him.
His unique guitar style has been called everything
from Folk to New Age to Neo-Classical to Pastoral or
as Brian likes to call it “a big stewpot of everything,
stirred up, simmered and served to taste.”
Brian has just released his latest vocal CD "To the
Faire"….2 more vocal albums and one instrumental
are written and partially recorded.
He has also released seven instrumental solo guitar
and harp guitar albums, two celebrated compilation
albums. The Woodchooper's Ball which benefit's the
Cleveland Ohio area homeless and the Green Album
which is still benefiting The Rainforest Trust, one
group CD, and three previous vocal albums and….is
working on a musical play with writer and playwright
Byron Ballard called "Forevermore".
He is also a part of the recently released compilation
CD to benefit Womens reproductive rights featuring
19 Pagan artists called The Red Album. The 19 artists
include, S.J. Tucker, Mama Gina Lamont, Celia

Ferran, Alexian, Spiral Rhythm, Crow Women and
many, many others.
Throughout all of his music is an undercurrent of
spirituality and mysticism that Brian says is very much
a part of the creative process. Because of this he has
received radio air play all over the world on shows as
varied as WKSU’s “Folk Alley”, International Pagan
Radio and John Dilberto’s “Echoes.” A winner of
many acoustic and electric guitar awards, he has also
been a finalist in the prestigious National Fingerstyle
Contest in Winfield, Kansas, the National
Guitarmageddon regional finals in Boston and in New
Age Reporters Top 10 for 2006 and 2010.
“Brian’s fretwork is masterful, elaborate and he makes
every note count…His compositions are harmonious,
sometimes complicated, but always engaging…Brian
Henke’s music is organic, mesmerizing and best of all
magic.” – RJ Lannon – New Age Reporter 
Dance with the Fireflies, the album, is fae-magickal
throughout its 12 tracks, and it’s easy to discern
Henke’s most prominent spell-casting tool: his
stunning virtuosity on acoustic guitar, harp guitar, and
his Gibson Les Paul.
Henke is an awe-inspiring picker whose genre is
known as “fingerstyle guitar,” and he’s in the same
league with such giants as Alex de Grassi, Will
Ackerman, Leo Kottke, and those guys. – Rick De
Yampert – Wild Hunt

Digger T.

Digger T. was born in New York on July 4th, 1949. His major childhood musical influences came from his father, Joseph P. Tozzi who played trumpet and his uncles Charlie and Arty Muller who played guitar and washtub bass. A devoted Dylan fan as a teenager Digger learned to play guitar and rack mount harp in the late 60’s, eventually refining his technique from the likes of James Cotton, Jr. Wells, Little Walter, to name a few. After 25 Years playing in blues bands T. has gone back to playing solo. Covering songs by the likes of Gillian Welch, Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, Tyler Childers, Dylan, and of course The Blues.

Pride Night 2024


Friday night will feature our beloved Pride Night, an evening of revelry with performances by drag queens Rayley Saphron, Kazma Knights, and Freak! The Tea Dance will follow.

All Our favorite Traditions:

Faerie Ball

Tea Dance

make a dagger with a Blacksmith

Sweat Lodges

Nightly Drumming and fires at pawpaw

Swim at the pond

Grab a bite at Hestia's Hearth

Local Jackie O's draft beer on tap at Green Man Tavern


Visit the Faerie Shrine