Photo by Jessica Fritz Miller

Autumn Fires

October 11th - 15th, 2023

Autumn Fires celebrates the changing of the seasons with bonfires, local music, feasting, drumming, activities, and ceremonies.

Autumn Fires celebrates the changing of the seasons. As we prepare for the colder months, we’re reminded of the warmth of community.

Highlights of the event include workshops, pumpkin carving, pit kiln clay firing, a Stone Soup potluck, nightly bonfires at Paw Paw Drum and Fire Circle, live performances and local draft brews at Green Man Tavern, ritual, fire spinning, and more!

If you have ideas for a workshop or programming that you would like to share, or for more information on offering a workshop, please fill out a Workshop Application. Applications are due by September 1st, 2023.

There is no vending fee for Autumn Fires 2022! If you would like to vend at this event, please note that your campsite will also be your vending site, so keep that in mind when choosing a spot to camp.

Event Pricing

Adult (18+) Full Event: $90

Child (3-17) Full Event: $45

Adult (18+) Day Pass: $30

Child (3-17) Day Pass: $15

Meal plans are also available upon checkout.


What's Happened Last Year:


Featured Presentation

Wolves: Fact vs. Myth with Ohio Canid Center:

Ohio Canid Center’s goal is to educate the public not only on wolves and their importance in the ecosystem, but to also bring a better understanding of other wild canine species. Isn’t it strange that we love our domestic dog, but fear the wolf, hate the coyote, or see the fox as a nuisance? 
This presentation features an ambassador animal and covers the family life, habitat, diet, and role in the ecosystem of the wolf while discussing various myths and facts.


Hecate Ritual

riday, 11:30 PM, Stone Circle
Dr. Jack Grey, Dr. Tom Sharp, Matthew Sawicki

At the midnight hour, the Convocation of Night meets to call upon the Goddess of Witches. This is a possessory rite for participants to speak with Hecate, Mistress of Ghosts, Torchbearer, Our Lady of Night. Come with a question for the Goddess and an open heart.

Black spirits and white, red spirits and grey, come ye come ye come ye that may.

Adults only. Do not come intoxicated. Leave the camp chairs at camp. The ritual will last until all who desire audience with the Goddess have spoken with Her. A slow movement around the circle will raise power for those in trance; feel free to rest as required.


Preforming Live

Christi Swing

Saturday evening

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Cincinnati, OH


performing Live

Moon and Magik of Unity Rising

Saturday night

Unity Rising is a traveling collective dedicated to sharing music which contributes to the healing and positive evolution of humanity. We are the musical aspect of Circus of Purpose. Our goal is to cultivate a healthy, sustainable culture on earth. Let’s build a traveling circus!

Preforming Live

Brian Henke

Friday evening

With imagination we can capture infinity. With love we can make infinity worth imagining.



Main Ritual

Saturday evening

Join us at the Heart Hearth for this community ritual as we celebrate with the local spirits a rite of ingathering for the coming winter. Adapted from a rite by Ruby Sara and Johnny Rapture.

Handbuilding with Clay and Pit Firing

Come learn the basics of handbuilding with clay and make your own masterpiece! On Saturday, the creations will be fired in Wisteria’s pit kiln.

Photo by Jessica Fritz Miller

Pumpkin Carving

Carve your own jack-o’-lantern! Pumpkins will be provided.


Bring your little ones’ favorite costumes so they can haunt the streets of Wisteria for our annual Autumn Fires trick-or-treating! Festival attendees are encouraged to bring their own candy to hand out.

Autumn Joy, Photo by Nellie Werger
Photo by Jessica Fritz Miller

Petite Paw Paw

The children take over Paw Paw Fire and Drum Circle! After trick or treat, the kids will drum, dance, and learn the importance of the Paw Paw fire.

Stone Soup

Rooted in European folklore, the tale of Stone Soup has a centralized theme on the value of community and sharing to create something that all will enjoy. Gather ’round the cauldron at Heart Hearth and brew a delicious recreation of this traditional soup.

Stone Soup, Photo by Nellie Werger

Green Man Tavern Masquerade

Don your favorite mask and dress in full costume if you wish for this Hallowstide happiest hour masquerade!

Shrine Lighting

Wisteria’s sacred sites will be illuminated with candles, from Shrine Valley (the trail and sites such as the Hellenic Shrine toward Spirit Circle), the Ancestor Mound, Stone Circle, and more.


Last year's autumn fires

More from Autumn Fires 2021

Preforming Live

The Brickersons

The Brickersons” bring you that traditional sounding Irish magic

Saturday Night


Preforming Live


Phoenix is an up and coming singer/songwriter/artist from Yellow-springs Ohio. Come watch her preform at Greenman singing a set of original and cover songs with her acoustic guitar.