Vending at Events

Come to one of our wonderful events and share your wares!

Our vendors are a vital part of our events here at Wisteria and we are incredibly grateful for each and every one of the people who come here to share their wares and help bring the festivals to life! 

Please note that there is no vending fee for Autumn Fires 2022. Your campsite will be your vending site! Please keep this in mind when choosing your campsite upon arrival. 

We have changed our registration process for all areas from performers to guests. This has all been changed to help make the process of checking in much easier for everyone. And our vendor form is no exception. Read below to learn about the new packages and for some clarification.

  1. All Vending passes come with free Wifi for 1 device and include entry into the event.
  2. Camping as a vendor: each vending space will not only accommodate your vending tent but will also have space for you to set up camp. Because we know you want to be up and ready for guests arriving, we allow our vendors to arrive the night before to set up their shops to be ready for the crowds to arrive. If you need an extra day to pack up, additional camping passes can be purchased at the end of the event at the Market/Office. Unfortunately, electricity in our vending section is extremely sparse so do not plan on bringing equipment that needs to be plugged in. 
  3. Vending Frontage and Space Sizes. We have split our vending sites into multiple categories. Size (small, medium and large) and Location (basic and premium). They are detailed below. If you want to purchase additional frontage, you can do so by contacting Remember to factor in tent ropes for overall frontage needed. Although you are guaranteed a space in your selected location type, actual sites are assigned on a first-come basis. If you want a good spot we recommend arriving early.


      • Small Site: These sites will accommodate a 10x10ft tent.
      • Medium Site: These sites will accommodate a 10x20ft tent.
      • Large Site: These sites will accommodate approximately a 50 feet of vending frontage.


      • Basic: The location will be one in our vending section but will not be along the main road, locations are first come first serve so the earlier you arrive the more choices will be available.
      • Premium: The location will be one in our vending section right along the main road, locations are first come first serve so the earlier you arrive the more choices will be available.

Purchase Vending Tickets Below for Summer Solstice 2023

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Ticket type: Ticket Qty: Per Ticket Price:
Small Basic - No Meal Plan
Medium Basic - No Meal Plan
Large Basic - No Meal Plan
Small Basic - Full Meal Plan
Medium Basic - Full Meal Plan
Large Basic - Full Meal Plan
Small Basic - Dinners Only
Medium Basic - Dinners Only
Large Basic - Dinners Only
Small Premium - No Meal Plan
Medium Premium - No Meal Plan
Large Premium - No Meal Plan
Small Premium - Full Meal Plan
Medium Premium - Full Meal Plan
Large Premium - Full Meal Plan
Small Premium - Dinners Only
Medium Premium - Dinners Only
Large Premium - Dinners Only
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