Meet the Wisterians

Wisteria is an amazing community and it is because of the amazing people working day and night behind it. Get to know the wonderful people that brought this project to life. 

In 1997, a small group of visionaries came together to create a new kind of community. We seek to create an environment where we and our guests can grow and thrive and live our values in harmony with the environment. Integral to this is reclaiming land once scarred by decades of strip mining and exploitation, nourishing it into a healthy and flourishing ecosystem. Our event site and business activities are both a vehicle for this transformation, and an opportunity to teach and learn from the community at large. For more on our vision, read our vision statement.

If you’ve been to our events, you probably know some of us already; others work behind the scenes to sustain the community. Some of our currently active members are listed below.