Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

Wisteria is a cooperatively owned and operated land-based community and business dedicated to the following interdependent objectives:

  • To develop and sustain an intentional residential community in harmony with responsible land stewardship
  • To provide an environmentally conscious and educational event site for earth-honoring groups and individuals
  • To nurture and protect a nature retreat, encouraging plant and wildlife habitats

Our Vision

  • We seek to create an environment of positive and sustaining interactions between our members that will fulfill us as individuals and strengthen us as a community.
  • We seek to help all of our members develop the head and heart skills that will help them grow socially and individually.
  • We seek to fully reclaim our land into a healthy and flourishing ecosystem.
  • We seek to integrate ourselves into the natural ecosystems and cycles of our land while growing a deeper respect and understanding of the Earth.
  • We seek to develop an environmentally friendly, and beautiful event site that will provide people with a safe and private place to grow as humans. Our event site will inspire our visitors to a deeper respect and understanding of the Earth and our place in it.
  • We seek to manage an event site and business venue that will help support our community & its members financially.
  • We seek to have a world-class, full facility event site and campground for events of all types including: festivals, concerts, conferences, retreats, camps, workshops, and weddings.