Events at Wisteria

Wisteria Event Site and Campground hosts two major festivals this year, and hosts and facilitates several other events organized by outside groups. The campground is also open for work weekends and open camping many times throughout the year. Here is a partial list of events we present or host.

Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival

June 7-10, 2018

We begin our 2018 season with the return of the amazing Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival! See their website for tickets, lineup, and more information.

2018 Summer Solstice

June 17-24, 2018; open camping/work weekend June 15-17

sunthrough trees Casey
Solstice sun, photo by Casey Bradley

Wisteria Summer Solstice

Community driven activities are blended with performance and ceremony. There are two stages for music and performance, a nightly fire for drumming and dancing, workshops, rites of passage, vending, and more! The festival is family friendly and a great way to connect with nature. Read more…

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June 18-July 9, 2017

events- clover
Clover, photo by Nellie Werger

Wormhole is the perfect time to come a few days early for Starwood and get your encampment situated. Pay per day or pay for the entire week to camp. Preregister, or pay at the door ($15/day per person, $8 for kids 3-12).



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21 X-Day 2018

July 3 -8, 2018

The SubGenius X-Day festival returns again this year. See their website or Facebook page for more information.


July 10 – 16, 2018

Joyous, rowdy, and life changing, Starwood is a seven day celebration of diversity, alternatives in lifestyle, spirituality, belief systems, and is distinguished by its warm and welcoming community spirit. More information and tickets available online!


August 2-August 5, 2018

Traditionally, European cultures have celebrated the first fruits of the annual harvest at the beginning of August. Come to Wisteria and celebrate the beginning of the harvest season with bonfires, drumming, camping, dancing, and community.   Open camping

More information and  schedule


September 21- September 23

Come to Wisteria and join us in a traditional blot to Freyr, with a goat, in honor of the second harvest of the season. (If you do not understand what a “traditional blot” is, please contact Donna Donovan) By sharing a blot with the Gods we reaffirm our connection to them and thus reawaken their powers within us and their watchfulness over our world. There will be an orientation at the pavilion prior to ceremony.  As well as a community feast on Saturday…so bring your home-made contributions to the meal!  With Bonfires, feasting camping dancing and community

Please be advised that on Friday night we will be humanely slaughtering the goat during the Blot, then preparing the goat for Saturday’s Blotfeast.

More information and schedule

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Autumn Fires

October 11 – 14, 2018

event bubble
Bubbles in the Fall photo by Nellie Werger

Autumn Fires honors harvest, Halloween, and Hallows. Hardy campers celebrate seasonal color with music, feasting, workshops,  and campfires. This seasonal event features a community wide pottery workshop and all night pottery pit-firing with drumming and dancing.  Autumn Fires is a kid’s paradise, with cooperative play, crafts, pumpkin carving, and other seasonal activities. Our ancestors will be honored with ceremony, remembrance and an Ancestor Shrine. Read more…

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Open Camping / Work Weekends

Mar 30 – Apr 1  – Easter Work Weekend
Apr 27 – 29 – Beltane Work Weekend
May 25-28 – Memorial Day Work Weekend
June 15-17 – Pre-Solstice Work Weekend

Open Camping / Work Weekends happen throughout the year. Camping is $15/day ($8 for kids 3-12), or you can camp for free in exchange for 5 hours of work per day. Enjoy the quiet side of Wisteria, hike the trails, listen to the coyotes and owls jabbering at night, catch up with friends, or just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. We may add additional open camping nights throughout the season, so be sure to check our calendar regularly! Read more…

Registration for open camping / work weekends is on-site only, there is no preregistration

Season Passes

Summer Solstice, Autumn Fires, and three nights open camping.

Season Passes are available. A season pass includes:

  • Summer Solstice (Monday June 18 through Sunday June 24), plus 1 day before.
  • Autumn Fires (early October, dates to be announced), plus 1 day before
  • Three open camping days of your choice (during a work weekend, open camping event, or Wormhole)

Purchase before January 2018, and you’ll get two additional open camping days of your choice (during work weekend, open camping event, or Wormhole), AND a $25 discount!

If you intend to vend, you will still need to purchase merchant passes for Summer Solstice and/or Autumn Fires.

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