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Summer Solstice Schedule

Summer Solstice Schedule

Summer Solstice workshop and performance schedule (more to come!)

Performances Rituals and Events



Opening Ritual

We will create sacred space around us and light the heart fire of Wisteria. This fire will be kept lit through the festival and maintained by the folk as a symbol of our community as a whole. Many faiths, come together.

9:00 pm Paw Paw Opening
Pawpaw opening ceremony: The Awakening Join us as we awaken the Spirit of Pawpaw Earth shall rise in primal grace Air will move with the dancer’s pace Waters fall our sacred gift Fire rise as passions lift Drums will sound as the mystic calls Add your voice to the chanting…. Earth and Air … Water and Fire This is the spirit of Pawpaw
12noon Azar For Kids

3:00pm Fashion Show

Wisteria Summer Solstice Fashion Show IV
Get ready for The 2015 Version of the Wisteria Solstice Fashion Show. This years Theme “Beyond imagination” as Nellie , Quill and Jen (and possibly more) Show their creations Three Designers,   a bunch of Models and MC stylings Of Murdoch. Looking forward to the fun!

6pm Wormz “home-grown roots folk Americana”

As a naturalist, farmer, and traveler, Megan Wormz Bihn offers a curious perspective on life though her songcraft. A homespun rootsy voice delivers lyrics inspired by a raw love for the land and a lust for life. A solo album is due in mid 2015 to follow her 2 released with former band Wormz and the Decomposers “Little Birdie” and “Grow”(2014 OMA Americana Album winner)

8pm Megan Jean and the KFB (Klay Family Band)

Megan Jean and the KFB perform a folk-inspired demented blend of Americana, punk, dance, and the avant-garde that has been described as heavy metal from 1927.

Inventive percussion, electrified banjo, and a voice like the Devil Herself have earned Megan Jean and the KFB a dedicated following all over the East Coast.

9:30 pm Labyrinth

Candlelight Labyrinth Ritual: A transformative, walking meditation through an all night labyrinth formed by 1000 lighted candles. Built and Facilitated by Patrick McGee

9:30 Azar the Magician

11 Pirates Pub Sing

Pirate Pub Sing: The Pirates liven up Caffeina’s Cafe for an evening of revelry and memorable performance. Bring a great attitude and your love of the sea.
Location: Caffeina’s Cafe

12 MN Fairie Ball

Friday nIght Lights

The 3rd annual lighting of the Fairie Shrine.. Everything shiny! Come play with the Wild Children.


12 noon Wormz “home-grown roots folk Americana”

1:30 Summer Solstice Rite

We will honor the Celtic sun god Belonous and call to the Ancestors, Nature Spirits and Gods to receive blessings and omens.  We will have time for the folk to make offerings to their own kindred.

8:00pm Earthheart with special Guests

“EarthHeart” a percussion ensemble that blends rhythms that have always moved the soul, with improv rhythms creating the pulse of NOW! Current members are artists Alex Wedmedyk, Sue Kestranek & Michelle Clark along with other guests. We build vibrations that will shake the ground beneath your feet.”

Together they hope to share the healing vibes and energies that come from the drum with all who venture here.

9:00 pm Shady Grovers
The Shady Grovers embody the down and dirty, fast paced, gritty sound one would expect to find within the Rust Belt.   The five piece band is comprised of acoustic electric guitars, a banjo, harmonicas,  a cajun drummer, and one bad ass fiddle player.  The Shady Grovers play a mix of highly stylized traditional Americana songs, as well as a number of original folk, blues and bluegrass themed originals.  Hailing out of Columbus, Ohio the Shady Grovers have been shaking things up and making a name for themselves ever since their beginning.

Tortuga: An exploration of the spirit and the senses, Tortuga is a ritual conducted by the Pirates which fuses modern paths of existential spiritualism with elements of the Ancient Bacchanal Tribal Rite. *A formal ritual precedes the celebration.* Fine attire, beverage to share, and musical instruments are encouraged. Leave your inhibitions in your tents, along with any minors. No cameras in ritual space! Please see our information packet at Caffiena’s fordetails about this year’s ritual theme. TORTUGA IS A 21+ ADULT RITUAL, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS Location: Pirate’s Cove


2pm Closing Ritual

We will call together the fires of your hearth, Paw Paw, and the heart fire in one so that all can take home the fires that have been kindled and powered by the energies that we have created through the festival.  If you do not have a candle to bring your fire to closing see a Druid before the rite.  We will also thanks the kindred for watching over us and restore the space to the ordinary.

Pirate Shenanigans!
Pirate Kids Workshop: Join our Crew at Child Care for a child friendly pirate activity. This is a family friendly child oriented workshop. Location: Child Care
Time: 3:00PM THRS

Marshmallow Faeries Vs. Pirates Kids Marshmallow Battle: No sharp weapons, only sweet ones! The Marshmallow Faeries face off against the Pirates in a candy covered battle. Let the marshmallows fly! Location: Child Care Time: 5:00PM

Pirate Games, Adult Pirate Workshop: Similar to the tradition of the famous Scottish highlander warrior games, “Pirate Games” pit festival patrons against our sea seasoned crew in a series of competitive games designed to test your mental strength and physical fortitude. Think gladiators which a pirate twist. This is an
adult themed  workshop, intended for 18+  years or older. Location: Pirate’s Cove   Time: 4:00PM FRI

Pirate Pub Sing: The Pirates liven up Caffeina’s Cafe for an evening of revelry and memorable performance. Bring a great attitude and your love of the sea.
Location: Caffeina’s Cafe Time: 11:00PM  FRI

Tortuga: An exploration of the spirit and the senses, Tortuga is a ritual conducted by the Pirates which fuses modern paths of existential spiritualism with elements of the Ancient Bacchanal Tribal Rite. *A formal ritual precedes the celebration.* Fine attire, beverage to share, and musical instruments are encouraged. Leave your inhibitions in your tents, along with any minors. No
cameras in ritual space! Please see our information packet at Caffiena’s for details about this year’s ritual theme. TORTUGA IS A 21+ ADULT RITUAL,
ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS Location: Pirate’s Cove   Time: 10:00PM SAT

Workshops For Summer Solstice 2015

Anam Cara: The Art of Spiritual Care

Oliver Kling

Teens and Adults

Anam Cara is the Irish practice of “soul friendship” and in this workshop this Irish practice will be explored along with contemporary practices of pastoral/spiritual care. Learn the basics of holy listening and being able to be a “soul friend” to another, especially in times of distress and suffering.

Friday 1:00pm Greenman


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Eve Arthur

Salute the solstice sun and build internal fire (tapas) through this athletic style of yoga!

Friday , Saturday and Sunday 8:00 am Stone Circle


Ballet Barre

Summer Bair

Ballet Barre-Beginner to Intermediate level. Class is one hour long and focuses on basic ballet movements at the barre and across the dance floor. In case you don’t have ballet shoes handy, bare feet, socks or very flexible shoes are ok. Please join us, If you always wanted to try Ballet but never had the opportunity, if you have not taken a class in eons, or if you are an active dancer in need of your daily body tune up.

Friday 1:00 Main Stage


Beginning Poi


A beginning workshop teaching the basics of poi spinning. ‘Poi’ are a traditional Maori dance prop from New Zealand and has given rise to a contemporary style of spinning popular all over the world. Basic control and tricks will be taught, with the opportunity for spinners to advance as far as they are comfortable during the workshop. No experience necessary. Safety and courtesy as a spinner will also be addressed. This is not a fire workshop – fire will not be taught at Wisteria. Sock poi will be available for use during the workshop, but participants are encouraged to bring their own if they have them.

Saturday 10:00 am

Build and tune a pendulum


This is a two part workshop; Part one: Building a personalized pendulum, Part two: Tuning and technique, one you just made OR one you already have

PART ONE: In this part of the workshop you will have the opportunity to select from many available components for sale and create a pendulum that is truly unique to you. Due to the nature of the components I hope to have available, such as crystals, wrapped stones, hand made lamp work beads etc. The final cost of the pendulum will be $10.00 and up depending on the elements you choose.

PART TWO: In this part of the workshop you will tune your pendulum and learn some of the techniques I use in the healing and magic that is so much a part of my life. Including:

  • Basic divination
  • Stress relief
  • Calming anxiety
  • Clearing sacred space
  • Activating chakras

Just to be clear, you do not need to attend Part One if you already have a pendulum you wish to work with.

Saturday 1:00pm Pawpaw

The Clover Games

The Clover Games is an incarnation of the traditional Highland Games developed for older children and youth. The Games will culminate in an athletic and outdoor skills competition on Saturday afternoon at Kid Village. Each event will be divided into groups based on age.  The list of events for the games will be announced Thursday morning at Kid Village. Information about classes for some of the more specialized skills (such as basic first aid and tent erecting) shall also be announced at this time. Throughout the week, interested competitors are invited to practice the skills for these events. Necessary training gear will be provided daily at Kid Village.

Saturday 2:30 Kids’ Village Training ongoing throughout the Kids’Village hours

Dream catcher craft for tweens and adults

Jenn Capone

Older Children / Teens

making dream catchers with sticks, hemp cording, and shells

Friday 10:00am Kids’ Village

Fire Safety


Teens and Adults

Why fire safety? Because, by being safe, we help keep fire at our festival! Become more comfortable with fire, learn to spot for a spinner, how to put out toys, what to watch out for when fire is involved, and treatment of the inevitable burn. Highly recommended for new folks who would like to light up their fire toys eventually, and for those who plan to be a spotter for any spinner. This is not a fire spinning workshop, but one that focuses on the ins and outs of being safe at a festival with fire. Appropriate for those new to fire, those who wish to brush up on their safety skills, or those who want to find out what Wisteria’s fire guidelines are all about. Fire Safety or Check in with Seeker is required fror anyone who wants to spin there will be special Wrist bands.

4:00 Spin Zone

Hand me down exchange

Pixie Sue Schmid and Jenn Capone

An organized place to bring outgrown children’s items to pass on to others in the community. Bring things you don’t need and pick up things you do. Please sort clothes by size so we can lay them out easily. Please also bring something to take your new treasures home in. This is open to all parents, even if your little one has not yet arrives. All items are welcome. Please give them to Pixie or Jen Capone before or at the workshop. Any unclaimed items will be donated to a charity.

Friday 2-5 Pavilion

Human Interactions with Spirit

Marty Laubach

One of my primary research lines is about psychism – human interaction with the spirit world. My most recent work explores stories about spirit to understand the varied characteristics of spirits and therefore their realm. In particular I am focusing on “dark side” or “shadow” spirits – spirits who were not human (ghosts) or part of the “god bureaucracy” (identified and controllable through religion) but instead are part of the wild flora and fauna of the spirit world and may see us more as food or as gateways into the physical and anything else. I will relate some stories of my own experience and ask for your as well. Please be aware that this workshop will be audiotaped as a part of my research, though by default I will remove identifying features of participant contributions.

Friday 10:00am Hickory Grove

Imagined Realms – Make Your Own Fantasy Map

Olivia / Ivy

Who else is fascinated by maps in books? Whether you’ve dreamed of re-mapping Middle Earth and Westros, or you have your own imaginary realm for a role-playing game or story, or if you just like maps a lot, this class is for you! Here, you’ll learn the basic elements of map design, techniques for getting started, and how to add the finishing “here there be dragons” embellishments. The latter half of the class is devoted to making our maps, with supplies provided by the instructor. No art or cartography experience necessary! There’s a world inside of everyone, waiting to be explored.

Saturday 10Am Starvation Station

Improv Games and Theatrical Fun

Olivia / Ivy

No matter if you’re an experienced thespian or a performance newbie, these improv games are sure to stretch your skills, improve your confidence, and instill a new sense of joy, play, and risk. We’ll explore (deep breath) intention, imagination, concentration, relaxation, improvisation, listening, and spontaneity (now exhale). The games we’ll play are staples of theater warm-ups, but have been carefully selected by your instructor because because … they’re a lot of fun. All ages very much encouraged – bring your kids, tweens, and teens!

Friday 1:00 pm Kids’ Village

Introduction to Blacksmithing

Blacksmith O’Kelley

Teens and Adults

Participants will be offered the opportunity to forge an athame’ or bolline from a railroad spike, or make tiki-torch holders and gardening tools, or suggest their own projects. These sessions will be held for approx. 2 1/2 hrs daily. Available for all ages (under 18 requires parental permission). Registration signup for all classes starts on the 1st day of the festival. Shoes that cover feet fully/long pants/shirt required. Safety glasses provided and required during forging. Forging is free, but a material fee of $5 to $30 (depending on the craft) will be charged if you wish to keep the finished product.   Sign up in advance is required and class space is limited.

10:00 am -2:00pm daily signup required.

Kids relay races

Jenn Capone

Younger Children
Relay races: egg and spoon, fishing, ball in hoop, wheel barrow, sack races, three legged race,and a good old fashion run! With prizes at the end (one for every kid) I will pack treasure box for this and watermelon for treat

Saturday 10:00 am Kids’ Village

Living Life  on the Road  for next to nothing

Michael Depraida

Life on the road, strategies in alternative lifestyles. Michael Depraida, has been living, loving and earning a living on the road and off the grid for the past 16 years. In this workshop,Michael will share what he has learned after 16 years of discovery and how anyone with the desire for adventure and a little bit of gypsy wanderlust can find peace and contentment wandering the country, making friends, finding unexpected pleasures, and living a less traditional lifestyle. Solar power requirements, solar cooking, water management, the law and the road, where to find places to stay to live free, what it takes to live a comfortable and a ridiculously affordable life boon-docking in some of the most beautiful landscapes this country has to offer. Micheal’s less traveled lifestyle has been featured on National Public Radio, The L.A, Times, and Time Magazine

Saturday 2pm Starvation Station

Living off the Land-Deer Hunting, Field Dressing, Processing and Cooking.

Eric Bair

Eric Bair will discuss tips on deer hunting based on his successful experience over many years. He will give an overview of equipment, how to scout prospective locations, as well as field dressing techniques, and butchering. Additional information will be given on hide preparation and other uses of deer. And some favorite recipes will be shared.

Saturday 10:00 am Greenman


Living Off-Grid – What are you crazy?

Pam Cooper

This workshop will talk about the various aspects of living off grid and why people choose to do so. We will also discuss the things to consider before deciding if living off grid is right for you. I will also talk about the good, the bad and the ugly sides of living off grid and how does sustainability plays into living off grid. Also I will talk about the different levels/types of living off-grid, from just cutting off the electric to being totally disconnected.

Saturday 1:00pm Greenman


Meditation in Motion

Lenora Bouscher

Teens and Adults

Tai Chi is an ancient practice of the Chinese now practiced around the world to achieve inner peace. Connection to nature can enhance the experience. Breathing and slow concentrated movements are the key.

Saturday 3:00 pm Hickory Grove

Motherhood circle

Jenn Capone

A chance for mothers new and experienced to share their feelings, their good times an hard times. A way for moms to come together and support one another. An open grouping Discussing everything from birth to potty training, offering advice and hugs if needed. Sometimes is just nice to know other moms are going through the same thing, connecting with each other and offering their support goes a long way. We will close with a circle of motherhood and friendship.

Friday 1:00pm Red Tent

Recovery Circle


An hour of fellowship for those of us on a spiritual path in our recovery from addictions. This is an open circle and all are welcome to attend

Friday 7:00pm, Saturday 7 :00pm Sunday Greenman

Red Tent Schedule

Sacred Blood Rites
[Womyn & Teen Girls Only]
A workshop on the moon, menses and magic. For many young womyn coming of age is a confusing and sometimes shameful experience. As adult womyn, we learn to suppress these feelings and associate our moon time as taboo or as a negative aspect of femininity. The reality is that womyn bleed to renew life and this “period” of time should be recognized as sacred and profound. Womyn need to fully realize the powerful magic they possess during their menses to heal and renew. We need to celebrate and develop positive sacred blood rites rituals to carry us through our maiden, mother and crone years. In the workshop we will discuss the taboo’s, share stories and learn to empower and make effective healing practices during our moon time.

Thursday 3:00 pm Red Tent

True Consent: Pagan Womyn, Sexual Exploration and Community

[18+ Womyn Only]

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the sacred community to dialogue and learn from each other’s experiences, to support and empower each other as womyn, and to create safe and sacred space in community, not just for ourselves but for the younger generations that need our guardianship. This guardianship begins with our own self love and how we navigate our own boundaries as womyn.The hot topic of true consent is a reoccurring issue that should always be openly addressed. Where is the line between what is healthy consent and empty verbal agreements? Between healing catharsis and cyclical abuse?  How do we discover and identify our boundaries and know when to push them and when to hold them fortified. How do we identify healthy relationships and experiences? These questions are not so easily answered one way, the complexity and controversy surrounding consent is the very reason we must continually hold the discussion and as Pagan womyn, honor the Goddess within ourselves by making our sacred community reflect our self-love in all decisions we make.

Friday 3:00 pm Red Tent

Reclaiming Womyn’s Sacred Sexuality Rites and Mysteries

[18+ Womyn Only]

Come explore, discuss and speculate pre-patriarchal Goddess worship and sacred sexuality. Unveil lost empowering truths through ancient poetry and art, Goddess myths and the etymology of words like prostitute and hysterectomy. This workshop will also include discussions on Innana’s sacred temples and rituals, Lilith’s exile to the dead sea, ancient and tribal honoring of menstruation, heiros gamos and other sexual rites that honored the divine feminine.

Saturday 3:00 Red Tent

Rhythm, Rattle & Roll

Alex Wedmedyk

Rattle and drum making for kids of all ages. There is a $5.00 materials fee. Kids 7 yrs old and younger must be accompanied by an adult. In this hands-on workshop we will make and decorate a rattle made from plastic water bottles or make a drum out of a can. Then we will learn a traditional African welcome song.

Saturday 1:00 pm Kid Village

Ritual Art


Ritual art is the creation of art through a spiritual practice. Creating the medium materials is part of the ritual as a community to make individual artistic pieces. Those interested would gather in Hickory Grove in the afternoon. A discussion of what will be involved will lead into building a ritual fire, followed by blessing the fire stack before it is lit. This fire will be lit and meditated over till completely burned to cinder by the end of the night. The next day people will go back to Hickory Grove to gather the coals from the fire and to create individual art together. The art pieces are the creators’ property and they can do as they wish, when they are completed.
Items people will need to bring
• Container or bag for coal collecting
• Fitted gloves
• Art paper
• Herbs, oils, or other such to add to fire
• Tripod (if desired)
• Other artistic materials

Part I Thursday 4:00 pm Hickory Grove, Part II Friday 10:00 am Greenman

Runes: an introduction for practice and use

Joe Weber

Do you know how to carve them? Do you know how to give them life? Do you know how to call them? In this workshop, we will introduce, engage and put into practice the runes of the elder futhark, their meanings, uses, sounds (galdr) and even how to make a personal set of your own. The elder futhark brims with wisdoms of the Old Norse, would you know more or how?

Saturday 3:00 pm Nemeton (bring chairs)

Sweatlodge Orientation for Firetenders

Douglas Sundling

Teens and Adults

This is a workshop open to anyone interested in sweatlodges, but those who wish to do firetending for sweatlodges should attend. You will be instructed on and participate in such fundamentals as how to build a fire that can support and heat the stones, how to handle and carry stones, and how to be the anchor for a sweatlodge ceremony. Everyone attending can share their knowledge and experiences with firetending.


Douglas Sundling

Adults only (18+)

Two types of sweatlodges shall be offered during the Summer Solstice Festival: an Open Sweatlodge and a 2-day Medicine Sweatlodge.

The Sweatlodge Ceremony begins when you contact the facilitator to express your interest in participating. The facilitator will then provide necessary advice on preparing for that particular sweatlodge ceremony. You must attend orientation if you wish to participate in a sweatlodge ceremony. Orientations are held at the Sweatlodge Site.

Thursday, June 18, NOON: If enough interest is expressed at NOON ORIENTATION this opening day, there will be an open sweatlodge for adults at dusk; time to be determined at NOON ORIENTATION at the Sweatlodge Site. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Friday, June 19, 11 AM: Orientation for an open sweatlodge to be facilitated Friday evening. Time of sweatlodge shall be determined at orientation. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Friday, June 19, NOON: Orientation for a Medicine Sweatlodge to be facilitated Saturday evening. See description for Medicine Sweatlodge. Open to adults 18 years old or older.

Friday, June 19, Evening: Open Sweatlodge. Time shall be determined at 11 AM orientation.

Saturday, June 20, NOON: Meeting and preparation for Medicine Sweatlodge to be facilitated Saturday evening. Participants must have attended Friday’s noon orientation.

Saturday, June 20, evening: Medicine Sweatlodge.

Unless arranged otherwise with the facilitator, you must attend the ORIENTATION if you wish to participate in a sweatlodge ceremony.


A Medicine Lodge will be facilitated for those who desire to foster clarity and healing of wounds or traumas that linger from the past, from violated trust inflicted by blemishes of the will. This 2-day ceremony offers a safe haven to reflect, to honestly express, to share, to have support and guidance from others, and to do so within ritual. Your ears and shared wisdom will be just as important as your desire for clarity and healing. On Day 1, Friday, June 19, we gather at noon at the sweatlodge site to have orientation and share. Day 2, Saturday, June 20, will require (1) fasting in a manner appropriate for the individual, (2) gathering at noon to prep the sweatlodge site and to discuss the ceremony, (3) having time to be quiet and reflective, and (4) finally engaging the evening sweatlodge ceremony.

Tarot Poetry

Oliver Kling

Teens and Adults

Learn how to craft poetry with a tarot deck and some friends. This workshop is participatory so bring a tarot deck and together we’ll craft tarot poetry together. Learn about the uses for the poetry created and come willing to create with others.

Friday 3:00pm Greenman

The good the bad and the ugly of energetic cords


Adults only (18+)

Spiritual Connections and Energetic Cords
They are part of our day to day experience.
They are the nurturing connection between a mother and a new born child
They are the source of that buzz in a new romance
They are also what trap us in an abusive relationship
What keeps us from healing from trauma.
In this workshop you will learn what they are …how they form… and best of all what to do about them.

Friday 1:00 pm Pawpaw