August 2018 Summer news

Lots of exciting things happening at Wisteria these days!

Some of the exciting ventures happening at Wisteria these days include:

We have open camping during the entire month of August. And we have had one very successful Microfest weekend called Barleycorn with over 30 attendees. Campers shared in making homemade bread, learned to brew beer, enjoyed a small acoustic concert, and participated in the first Faery Ball to be held at the pond. We are having another Microfest weekend in September called Equinox. Our community of regular visitors is growing and really enjoying low key lightly scheduled weekends.

We have been taking measures to improve the health of the pond. Our new population of fish are flourishing. We added red-eared sunfish, largemouth bass and catfish, as well as some plants and algae eating Bacteria. The pond is beautifully clear. Some of us have been having a wonderful time Floating on hot summer afternoons. We’ve even held a few committee meetings at the pond, enjoying this Wisteria treasure while completing company business!

We are moving forward with a community garden and compost facility that will potentially be located at the north edge of the Grand Field. Additionally, we purchased a mower to help maintain the grounds and keep our maintenance costs low.

These are just a few of the ways that we are moving forward. We hope you have had a chance to interact with our newest Shareholder, Matt Fergurson Exciting times!

Welcome Home!

Nellie Werger, Assistant Secretary

Wisteria Inc.


By Nellie Werger

Nellie found Wisteria on a snowy winter Solstice. It's beauty and community became part of her heart. Now it consumes much of her time as she strives to nurture all the multiple facets of the land and people. She wears many hats; Medical Manager for Festivals and several other roles in the organization. In the rest of her copious free time she is a costume designer. She has recently Founded RoseHips Creations a custom clothing company. or instagram at rosehipscreations .
She works for Athens Makers Space, A division of reuse industries.

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